Saturday, May 07, 2016


An answer to our prayers
emerging from eternal zest 
the ember of the heavens
tiny particles of stars
floating in space
gathering speed
as meteorite showers
falling down onto Earth
sprinkling samplings of debris
all over this breathtaking planet.
The friction of entry peeling the crust
atmospheric impact inciting the seed
igniting the flame of a dormant entity.


An anticipated shift
polar going bipolar
with a tilt of the axis
over a twisting Earth
spilling out mayhem
the gate of departure
a wide open rapture
feeding human nature
a feeling of adventure
in hidden darker side
at the end of the ride
the coming of the tide
covering over the past
sorting out as it must
all the acquired lust
of the inbred disgust
from the diviner's trust
in lieu of going bust.


Sliding from the top with a razor sharp shave
Catching a drift from the dawning of the shift
Surfing a mighty wave, the task of the brave
Balanced and daring, bearing with the curve
The basis of this journey is having the nerve.


Take it or leave it 
I just want to give it
it isn't a one way street
take a seat, stretch your feet
this is going to be quite a treat
flash your flesh and flax my meat
you are at a safe place to save face
once you are done, there'll be no trace.


Voluntary abstinence is a reclusive quest
Outside of a conventional pecking digest
A space where a person can achieve best
In such an absence presides a holy guest
Lacking in presence, as anyone might be
Empty, though there can be myriad to see.
Existing in exile from the established way
It is a blessing in disguise in an ironic way
Freedom could always be a choice to take
Not just compromising for someone's sake
But humility, reverence with an open heart
Might embrace solitude with such attitude.


Alarming wake up call 
promptly intercepted
exceptional methods 
used by spying oglers
in removing messages
like thread from butter.

Blinders briskly fluttered
blinkers rapidly adjusted
orders promptly released 
to locate loose roosters
with distinguished beaks
inside draconian quarters.

Fractured remain relations 
amongst bickering nations
what is being demanded
is unreasonable patience
while oligarchic vestiges 
are facing dire extinction.

Gingerly inflicted pain
will be applied again 
sabers rattling in vain
as war is in the cards
despots stands to gain
in conflict gone insane.