Saturday, April 23, 2016


When you feel a person's heart
you may find love from the start
yet as you probe into their mind
you never know what you'll find.
Should you wish to turn the blind
simply play along yet never mind
should they turn out to be unkind
you will be betrayed from behind.


A point of view might be a serious liability 
when the native is approaching the future
an objective view, should have to consider 
alleged potentiality concurrently corporeal.
When a first hand experience is occurring
whatever imagination may render possible
will manifest within eternal time and space
the conceptual phase is fated to take place.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


A bunch of memories 
tiny bits, mega stories
spread all over the mind
tasty bites, delicious eats
thoughts of the spicy kind
the first hand historic treats.
Some memos are rather tough
just because they've had it rough
skinny dip your fingers in the sauce
as you get deeper you will find a cause
which has since been hardened, I suppose
choose a happy one, is what I would propose.


Spreading message through cyber passage
I'm just a conduit, the poet is mother nature
We aught to be paying heed at this juncture
Should we have the wish for a better future.
Inarticulate words are wasted on this matter
It could be for the worse if not for the better
Slaughtered mighty trees to build us shelter
Depleted the forests while we became fatter.
What we have here is just a stark reminder
That we are slowly going under, no wonder
We have taken it all, this is time to flounder
As is the consequence of historical plunder.


I was drifting in my dream, the current carrying me
I did not resist the flow, I was willing to wait and see
no need to push the envelope, my intent is to let it be
why strive to set a course as long as the going is easy
I’ll sooner take a dive and glide, rather than climb a tree
what's the point of struggling when the intent is to just be
as long as the going is smooth there is no cause for worry
when I go with the grain, there is no resistance and no pain
yet there can be no saying if I should end up down the drain.


Mistaken identity is simply a slip of words
Slander will follow and before you know
You become what's indicated in theory
A shrinking atlas, shedding past glory
You have to live with it, end of story.


Voluntary confinement is a valiant quest
Besides this established pecking digest
A space where nothing can entirely rest
In total absence presides the holy guest
Lacking in presence, but real at its best
Vacuous as it provides the ultimate test.
Voluntary exile from an established way
Is a blessing in disguise, in a funny way
Freedom is having choice one can take
Not barely imposition for another's sake
But humility, reverence in deep solitude
Can embrace absence with this attitude.


Mortals have been locked up in phoney personality
They’re in denial of the dark aspects of their nature
They choose to hide behind a disguised disposition
Etiquettes are seemly faces in adept understanding
Odd as this may sound, they're imminently impaired.


Politically correct jargon, scheme oriented
with spiritual coating, intelligent marketing
rehearsed, candy coated, tongue delivered
a self serving savvy accordingly positioned
with tight handshake and a pat on the back
smart choice of words, disposed to pamper
signed, sealed and endorsed in jolly temper.


Based on intuitive appraisal of auspice
as we meticulously observe the universe
while scrutinizing the necromantic effects 
of a vast cosmos playing like a puppeteer 
on the collective psyche of the inhabitants.