Thursday, January 28, 2016


In the hands of the devil, what chance do you have
If you are a little demon, you are bound to eat well
Satan rewards those who are recruits, one can tell
As for the state of this World,.. what is there to say
You have to play both sides in this polarized game.


I have been doodling since I was able to hold a pen
Scribbling on school books was an automatic habit
Totally unintentional, I didn’t know what I was doing
My hands do their thing while my mind is elsewhere
Only after scribbling many years I started wondering
If the inner layers of my consciousness is appearing
I was always scribbling, half awake half lucid dream
Was I sketching what my subconscious is revealing
I now scrutinize those drawings, disclose the hidden
Aspects as they are of myself so intimately personal
Even foreign to myself who is the source of them all
As I scan and post these in cyberspace, for all to see
I can’t get more genuine than that, this is the real me.


When I lost myself, there was nobody there
In deep space, pitch black, no visual contact
I still had eyesight but there was nothing to see
I’ve always possessed light inside, reserved for me
This conjures the feasible retrospect of creating anew.


Life may be like an adventure on a roller coaster ride 
From yourself, you should have no nonsense to hide
Should you equitably handle humility alongside pride.
When you rise in life, your friends know who you are
When you fall down, you'll know who your friends are.


Safe module in cyberspace
only a password can locate
a probe which will contain
crucial information at hand
delivered in a precise order
automatically administered
conveying a prompt signal
to pre-determined agents
who'll have the resources
gathering powerful forces
to implement a fated plan
by carrying out liquidation
with a morbid satisfaction
triggering delayed action
as assured of vindication
getting needed restitution
at the end of a great ordeal
passed away yet left a will
justice is served as the deal.