Thursday, January 14, 2016


Sensitive people are the greatest pain sufferers, instigated by their nature
The slightest disturbance is taken in with an open heart of unbiased empathy
The burden of shouldering the entire problem, the looming perils of this World
A genuine feeling of love is under jeopardy should justice take an uneasy way
There is no room for sentiment when fabricated facts contrive to make a dent.


Just a bunch of rowdy guys demanding to have a good time
They will be hurting when there are no pain doctors in sight
They might take their pain and shove it down naive innocents
The ignorant culprits in charge of justice have cleared the way
An entire nation has been coerced into marching down a drain.
Those who are mentally handicapped are looked upon as pests
They become as good as slaves, when they are treated as such
Inferior beings, thus considered cursed and possessed by satan
God forbid should an innocent child be stricken by relentless pain
Being accused of aiding a witch, is surely the making of the insane.


The last person left on Earth
all alone, terrified and lonely
sheltered in a ravaged space
has lost sight, has gone blind
since he is still hoping to find
a sign of life from humankind
banging his head on the floor
he hears a knock at the door.


Silent moment in reverie
Making use of the muse
Alert like a deft warrior 
Courteous as a pilgrim
Fluid like melting ice
Clear as crystal water
Hollow like a bamboo
With patience to wait
For the mud to settle
Keep still like a rock
Witness the actuality
Dump the platitude
Let the truth emerge
In total transparency.


The initiation is brief
thoroughly executed
swiftly implemented
scrupulously injected
to eager consumers.
Soldiers of misfortune
cerebrum whitewashed
cleared from intuition
a current version of
concurrent software
to be intricately planted
to secure biased minds.
Solid loyalty established
unconditional obedience
to pre-conceived master
a manufactured drone
in blood flesh and bone
planning a suicidal task
far, far away from home.
The state of the art
will blow up at contact
in just a matter of fact
martyr of hallowed act
should not remain intact.
Fanatically coated policy
state of bigoted zealotry
what an abominable pity
is unacceptable to some
yet just a matter of time
for this inevitable crime
to affect things to come.


A push and shove
response to insult
momentary repose
avowal of discretion
denial of temptation
the anticipated shift
polar versus bipolar
disturbing universe
beckoning for a rise
with a tilt of the axis
ever wobbling Earth
spilling out mayhem
tremors of petulance
a brief call for action
falling upon deaf ears
a provoked eruption
beckoning departure
sign of major change
I’m looking no further
once it’s within range
the end is not strange
we have now been told
what the future may hold.