Wednesday, December 30, 2015


There are so many layers of time unfolding simultaneously
progression on some levels, while regressing in the others
cross-currents moving from past to future and back again
half way in life we might catch a glimpse of the other me
moving in reverse, from the old age towards birth stage.
As we cross each other at crossroads, we might deduct
this point in time marks a centre in life, the middle age
whence, distance travelled equals the remaining stage.


A sense of dedication, devotion and loyalty
there is no obligation to unconditional love
willing to go the distance without any doubt
belonging to a lover is what love is all about
it is the thrill of the experience, not the clout.
The more the loving the happier is the feeling
at the end of the line, the harder is the leaving.
The value of life, well established at the source
would crumble apart if was put in place by force
wishing for the best even when facing the worse
memories are left over when life takes it's course.