Monday, December 07, 2015


I have dumped my ego, my identity is history
I am not a number any more, I am finally free
The identity we are given at our arrival, is false
The true self is suffocated, as soon as it shows
Adjusting to the established way is a challenge
When we are the outsiders, should we change
or stay indifferent to conditioning, even dispute
and repudiate despite being held at firing-range.


As the stone sheds heavy tears 
Thus will emerge the fallen one 
Upon itself who seems to feed 
Snake swallows rattling tail
Home made venom trail
Spider weaving a web
For its own measure
Of pain and pleasure
Scorpion circled with fire
Committing suicide in dire
As the smoke clears the way
The light of day might emerge
you can not be force-fed all day
wake up puppet, wake up & play!.