Sunday, November 22, 2015


I ask myself what is my intention
why do I bother to post another
reminder of man made disaster
can it flak the established order.
The truth is relative to a watcher
the adept don’t listen to preacher
my intention is not to be a teacher
I am simply a self abiding creature.
A weary passer by, sharing surmise
seeking surety, taking satisfaction thus
here now, gone tomorrow, not a surprise
Could I change the World after my demise?.


I have witnessed mood swings 
from heaven to hell and back,
seen ecstasy turn pitch black
within the blink of the eye.

Hot temper is hard to take,
rage damages its container,
less you harness that feeling
with gloom you'll be dealing.

Getting hold of intense passion
an abundance of tense emotion,
such self inflicted potent potion
can have impact over an ocean.

Fiery temper in a flash can come
manifesting as willpower for some
who may turn a wild mood swing 
into a constructive positive thing.


Each person may carry an akin presence
Subliminally residing inside another mind
Emerging without conscious deliberation
As intuition, a direct means of perception
Appears in the absence of premeditation.


Had a crush on doctor's daughter
I do not know what I found in her
she sucked my pain like no other
I was hoping we could go further
despite the objection of her father.
Once she took hold, no way to fight
if I open my mind, escape she might
I'll hold her tight all through the night
I must not let her get out of my sight
she'll drain my pain if I treat her right
send her running, once I see the light.