Sunday, October 25, 2015


Time is a mighty river everflowing towards eternity
while we journey in it towards some destination 
the point of total change, which we call death 
where we stop while time goes on and on do we go on while time stops?
shall we ever recognize the answer
collectively, clearly and ultimately?
When we are universal with time
we are not merely the passenger
we are a part of the entire journey.
Are there then not those moments
when we catch a glimpse of eternity
as time in all transparency stands still.


Having taken a dubious concealed peek
at the wary creatures of the local pasture
big brother is also deemed to be a sneak
which can bring about the ultimate rupture
of a dubiously constructed bogus structure
since the whistleblower who revealed a leak
has taken a hasty departure to avoid capture.
As the story goes, most people have a cause
to feel uneasy, untrusting, even angry because
there is a breach of promise which does arouse
a good reason to be weary of entrusted spouse
who can bring about the wreckage of the house.