Friday, October 16, 2015


Fighting a war was the way conquests were made
history should bear witness, but that also changed
each conquerer had a brand new version to dictate
praising heroism and valour for their egoistic stake. 
With certain modifications this continues to this day
the vested interests could persist in having their say
exploited also enslaved, the herds are made to pay
as the meek are willing to close their eyes and pray.
Equal footing for all, revolutions have been in vain
human nature persisting in what it could not attain
rebel turned victorious, another despot in disguise
when on top of the pack, staying that way was wise.


Sliding from the tip like a razor sharp shave
Catching the drift, staying on top of the shift
Surfing the mighty wave, a task of the brave
Balanced and subtle, bearing with the curve
The gist of this journey is to have the nerve.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Assuming consciousness will continue to exist after life is over
suppose the memory retained in the brain will be remembered
Further still, everything experienced in life recorded precisely
the way it happened objectively with crystal clear accessibility
the comparison of subjective memory versus an actual reality
should make us realize the obstinate denial we are living with.


This is the language my fingers speak while holding pen
When my mind is elsewhere, unaware of action at hand
Thousands of doodles to this day have emerged unkept
On napkins, desks, walls, wherever the fingers doodled
Here is my true identity, may not be clear but this is real.


Our mind should go to the restroom continuously
to empty the excess of garbage that accumulates
when we go to sleep this takes place automatically
entangled thoughts in knots, keep clogging the brain
meditation helps release heavy junk that remain stuck
the pressure of disturbing thoughts clinging to the mind
conscious focus in moment, off with delusions of torment
attaining stillness in the mind by holding it with deep breath
within a matter of an instance, clear thoughts should emerge
single pointedly focused, the breath will dissolve the crammed
released effortlessly, should clear away all the accumulated junk.


Some worshippers have their faith well polished
as they tend to prayers to wash away their sins
with hands raised up, words through dumb lips
not knowing the meaning of what a plea means.

Most believers are waning, wanting and begging
only few are humbly thankful, simply affirming
there is the odd vindicator ranting and cursing
demanding satisfaction, grudgingly complaining.
Faith is in the bonding of the mind with the heart
emotion is a driving force and the feeling is trust
understanding that in life, this is what one must
once belief is beyond logic, reasoning may start.



I have watched skies bleed
from arrows aimed at dreams
In the midst of a lightning strike
the sky was ruthlessly torn apart
scattering clouds in a hectic rush
hovering like the ghosts of angels
emerging from a boisterous sky.
I wish to forget what I have seen
I want to whitewash my stained skin
from the damaging places I have been
just for the sake of my threatened sanity.
Thoughts that keep mocking me within
resentments which one does not need
wonderful dreams are sabotaged by envy
making you realize you can not embrace
everyone who happen to cross your path
you are thus unable to trust just anyone.
The act of sharing can only blossom
with the intent of serving and offering
the fun of life is in the here and now
so why is it that we keep on denying
when there's so much to be enjoyed
in the intimacy of love and laughter
there should be no call for slander
we do not need any phony games
what we attest makes us wonder.