Saturday, September 26, 2015


The established order is all about survival
the prey will resist and the shark will insist
so far this has been the disposition of man
thousands of year cycles of shark and prey.

We are at the threshold of a major change
the entire World can now casually interface
much of the secret has risen to the surface
anybody can now participate in cyberspace.

The world wide web is an alternative space
the emergence of a parallel virtual universe
The age of sharing is the outcome of caring
to rise to this calling may take some daring.


Things I have so far witnessed in this life
has driven me to the idiom of the absurd
not only have I learned to laugh at them
but also get my kicks by playing the fool
to make people laugh is absolutely cool. 

The privileged fool is a fool of indulgence 
the popular fool is a fool through capacity
excess is by no means proof of capability
greed is no indication of a personal ability
I cherish humility in evidence to humanity.

I have been fooling myself that I’m not crazy
although there are times when I flip my top
jump out of my mind in case I lose my head
I’m willing to get to the bottom without a rope
so I don't hang myself should I stop to cope.


Warriors of despair, emerge pair by pair
They are the products of a bleak affair
They aren't punished for their anger
They are punished by their anger
From within comes the danger.


When hands go along scribbling spontaneously

without any conscious direction, unintentionally

like chewing one's fingernails, picking the nose

an automatic compulsive habit, instincts alerted

as streaming visions pour out the subconscious 

cellular memory in fusion with genetic intimation

residual is invoked in the presence of a conjurer.


Should science ever reckon the divine
we might attain balance in our stance
when imagination is rationally sublime
as knowledge and faith merge into one
we could understand it all in an instant
with an open heart , the soul is present
when there's faith inside, there is vision
as the mind clears up, there'll be reason.


Masks and masks and masks
everyone solicitously wearing 
walking around in fake smiles
inner feelings kept in disguise
expedient posture of pretence
is the state of natural defence. 

Masks are taken as we arrive
superficial allusions of identify
names, numbers, tags, brands
various means to secure ends
skirts for ladies, pants for gents
a fancy crown his majesty gets.

A mask is an indication of fear 
looks like a safe way to appear
remove when the coast is clear
can't hide the truth from a seer
outwardly proud, but really shy 
may face yourself once you try.


One person’s paradise can be someone else’s demise
Within the vessel of the soul, bleak creatures surmise
Trapped they feel within the confines of their boarder
What's abode to some might be the cage of another
Attitude is the personal aspect of established order.


Caught the drift, throwing an avid glance
each person may carry an akin presence
subliminally residing inside another mind
emerging without conscious deliberation
subtly take the hint, never mind the grind
intuition is the direct means of revelation
emerges in the absence of premeditation.


Captured in this instance 
suspended between intervals
a blink of an eye in slow motion 
biting time, a pull here, a push there
in a flash it goes, as though it never was
but something was captured, an impression
which alters perception, accordingly in quantum
what appears is only relative to that moment's catch
with infinite possibilities in store at imagination's stretch.


A point of view can be serious liability
when one is approaching the hereafter
an objective view may have to consider
all possibilities concurrently in the hither.
When a first hand experience is occurring
whatever imagination may render possible
might be feasible in eternal time and space.