Thursday, September 17, 2015


What I wanted to say has been said before
What else can I do but repeat it once more
Freedom of expression is crucial, therefore
Speak out your mind but through your heart
You'll be appeased should you play your part.


In my dream last night I was taken by the sea
floating like driftwood, as light as one could be
when suddenly, waves threw me against the rocks
I could have crushed badly, but instead I took a dive
the deeper I went, the calmer it got, yet pressure I felt
as though I was coming to rest at the bottom of the sea
I did my best, held my breath as I surfaced from the depth
When I woke up I took a breath, I am afloat and out of debt.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Since the dawn of history, Homer's epic of the Wooden horse
there has been always war on Earth, celebrated by the victors
advocating courage, chivalry, heroism, the splendor of passion
ruthlessly exploiting and brainwashing the coming generation
glorifying martyrdom, aptly encouraging sacrifice for kingdom.

Ingenious methods are applied, with cutting edge instruments
aggregating battle ready soldiers as a formidable war machine
trained efficiently with ingenious computer games at the cradle
as juveniles they will be trained, getting ready to join the battle
thus continues the ongoing theatre of mankind’s futile struggle. 

It looks like war has been ingrained deep in the human nature
regardless, such a tendency points out at a cataclysmic future
unless we can overcome the passion for butchery, and refuse
to go along with the notion that, there's no freedom to choose
ironically though, we are at war with nature, if we win we lose.