Sunday, August 16, 2015


An answer to our prayers
emerging from eternal zest 
the ember of the heavens
tiny particles of stars
floating in space
gathering speed
as meteorite showers
falling down onto Earth
sprinkling samplings of debris
all over this breathtaking planet.
The friction of entry peeling the crust
atmospheric impact inciting the seed
igniting the flame of a dormant entity.
The anticipated deed is here indeed
alien visitors are paying heed
Is this simply divine power
poised to come lower and lower
or is it just cosmic dust
in whom was it that we did trust?.


When real estate is hot
scoundrels own the lot 
decent folk just get dick
get kicked off the street 
beat with no food to eat
on top of that, they treat
forsaken people like shit
bums, rogues of a street
as though they were dirt
dismayed to say the least
at the nature of the beast
mercy has a human heart
pity stuck on phoney face
what is tearing folks apart
is the farce of the rat race.


Due to the SUBORIGINAL lucidity of my insight
I have now realized what I should leave behind
Long after I am gone, the fragments of my mind
First hand experiences leaking out of my fingers
Fostered to cyberspace I shall thus leave a trace.


Hands scribble and doodle in automatic manner
without any conscious direction, vaguely aware

like chewing one's fingernails, blinking the eyes
through a compulsive habit instincts are alerted
streaming visions emerge, an impulsive outpour
a cellular memory prompt, genetic code decode
illuminating hidden aspects, conjuring prospects.
Suboriginal Art is a genre term I have created
defining this art form as modern-primitive fusion.
Automatism is a prerequisite for the initial phase
when hands scribble without conscious direction.
The next and final phase takes place in abacus
where cutting edge digital techniques are applied
virtually scrutinizing & refining the original image
The two opposites merge as subtle integration of
casual Primitive means & discerning Modern ends.


It does not have to be a secret to spread

besides with whom do you care to share

who can cope with it, the courage to dare

sincerely give a darn, most certainly care

about the truth regarding why and where

we're sharing this moment, now and here.

Consider for an instant everything in the clear

total transparency, before the eyes of the seer

fibs have nowhere to hide, nothing can escape

the herds have been in total darkness for ages

suddenly exposed to such blinding illumination

should they not handle, there'll be abomination.



If you be the beholder 
of those runny eyes 
washed with envy
wiped with pity,
catching sight
of immense beauty
cracked under
intense pressure
dusted out of
harms way.
I dare you
to look twice!
Once at the virtue
and then at the vice.


I was once uprooted from the soil that gave me life
taken to far out places I could not have dreamed of
with roots dangling in the air, I climbed clouds high
dancing, whirling my way, in circles all over the sky
I have surrendered to the cyber current, this is why
no matter what fate deals me I'll take it with a smile.