Thursday, August 06, 2015


A point of view is serious liability 
in the ability of securing a future
with sensibility, a grasp of reality
ease the grip of staunch banality
allow premise to yield perception
exploitation is subject to deception
as long as riffraff is placed in a box
conflicts may cause bipolar paradox
it is detrimental to get rid of this stuff
a strict point of view is biased enough.


There are so many layers of time unfolding simultaneously
progression on some levels while regressing in the others
cross-currents moving from past to future and back again
half way in life we might catch a glimpse of the other me
moving in reverse, from the old age towards birth stage
as we cross each other at crossroads we might deduct
this point in time marks a centre in life, the middle age
hence, distance travelled equals the remaining stage.


One person’s paradise can be someone else’s demise
Within the vessel of their soul, bleak creatures cry foul
Trapped they feel confined to bounds of their boarders
What is an abode to some might be a cage for another
Should this attitude prevail, why would someone bother.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015


It occurred to me that signs of apology would be relevant
For the moral of an entire country, the social psychology
Of the people who have been taken for a ride this long
A realization of truth versus the manufactured reality
One must give the sinner the means to apologize
On behalf of past delusion, a sign to recognize
It helps to follow the road safely, just in case
Ghosts of blunder appear, we have to face.


I derive much inspiration from invisible beings
you might think I am being silly or even crazy
admittedly they are too tiny for the eyes to see
some dwell on my skin others are inside of me
whether they are bacteria, germs, minute bugs
we carry them unknowing, our intimate inmates
we provide their habitat, their breeding ground
as we have a close look under the microscope
aliens we seek out there are closer than we think.