Sunday, August 02, 2015


Significant is the participation of entire humanity 
Not just nations, groups and races but the whole
What is in the essence of everyone dead or alive
We are all situated in the same boat, like it or not
We are here to co-exist before the going gets hot.

There is a choice though, for each to take alone

There are people who usurp the right to enforce

Feeling sovereign, they leave no choice to some

Clear them out so they might, as they usually do

The history of humanity so far sums up to abuse.

What is the use when the brutes coerce the meek

Slavery has had many phases from the beginning

The outcome we have, is a divided, unruly World

Media controls the masses with what they are told

Despite the tangible, we are on each other’s throat.

There are many ways out of here, no need to fear

Either the superior ones will exterminate the week

Secure themselves a World and also the last word

Or submit to change and work for the good for all

I have made admonition but the order may be tall.


She came with luggage 
he gave a helping hand
it was all neat and proper
he was a true gentleman.
Once the load was spread
over her queen size bed
she extended an inviting hand
which he held in high esteem
but there was laundry to contend
which belonged to a late friend
he was inclined but he declined
the load was too big to handle
instead he kissed her goodbye
reached out for the door handle
without even a hug or a fondle
left her on her own to wonder.

Saturday, August 01, 2015


Recession before fall election

It was a picnic, a piece of cake
In this sharing there was offering
well meaning, it was a give and take
then the wind broke in smooth fashion
blew off the candles with a gentle breeze
when the going persisted, the storm arrived
the gale got hold, the flames caught the fumes
blowing them higher, the entire place was wrecked.


Mertlik ve kahpelik çarpışırken kan gövdeyi götürür
Birisi gözünün içine baka baka hiddetini gösterir
Diğeri suratına güler, arkana geçer, sırtından vurur
şartlar eşit olmayınca, hakkın hesabı haram olur.


Sadakat ve itimat, biri diğerine şart,
ihanet oluyor olunca itimat suistimal
Bunu idrak edince tedbir almalı insan
bekliyorsa sadakat, göstermeli iltimat
ihmal edersen olmaz, yok böyle dava
sadıklara sadaka, icab ederse falaka
verirsin hava civa, ederse biraz para.

Friday, July 31, 2015


Hands draw with no conscious direction
eyes automatically scrutinize this action
as the image is conjured out of the blue
I have zilch say in what comes through 
to find a meaning here will be up to you.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


I have seen light in the darkest regions of my mind
Attracted as I am, I have not been able to go so far
Yet I have been aware there is a faint sparkle there
As I reach out, it pulls back, a tease, what the heck
I've put my neck in line, sooner or later I’ll get there.


Should we look warily, it is possible to trace
At the edge of the fringe, in an obscured place
ghosts of faces emerge from an abstruse space
facing other faces with quaint expressions in case
their bleak subsistence should enter another phase.


Infused from a future that stretches into eternity
into the here and now, an illusion with a destiny
a beginning and end, meanwhile given a choice
to be a number, name, having a proven identity
or not to be anything like you’re supposed to be.


It has been said that the unsaid will find voice
in between small talk, chatter and obscure noise 
precise yet simple wording is just a matter of choice
the hiatus should grant the perceiver a sense and poise.