Wednesday, July 08, 2015


Our life is like a kind of journey where 
the landscape fosters a different view 
from that which was presented at first 
changes again and again until the end
we often have new wishes to entertain
which we often find on a different path
than the one which started our pursuit.
Rather than finding what was expected
pleasure, happiness, joy & satisfaction
we have acquired experience & insight
which is a tangible & permanent thing
far better than illusions always fleeting.



Mystical aspects of a person

encompasses dormant forces

with the potential of expanding

traits which are on the surface 

attached to uncharted regions.

Torpid forces promptly conjured

as latent powers swiftly alerted

arcane prospects are detected

dreaming eyes thus awakened

sharply piercing in the darkened

instant access astutely attained.


Tuesday, July 07, 2015


 Doodling has been one of my oldest habits,

well over half a century I have scribbled

scratching surfaces, drawing on the sand 

wood, paper, the steam on glass surfaces.

When hands move without a conscious direction 

without intention, spontaneous fast finger play.

We all doodle, even a dot . a line - a circle 

a square, while the mind is elsewhere

between daydreaming and lucid dreaming 

in a mind space inhibited by habits 

automatic, unconscious gestures, tendencies

as picking noses, chewing fingernails, scratching

some are nasty habits, could be revolting

others can be rather useful, therapeutic, creative 

exposing hidden aspects, revealing latent potentials 

I consider Doodling to be a benevolent habit

the foundation, the backbone of my art form

Suboriginal Art emerges out of scrutinized doodles.