Friday, July 03, 2015


Do you have the patience to wait
till the mud settles, the water clears?
Can you remain calm and detached
when you are facing imminent fear?
Can you turn off intense feelings
at the peek of a temper tantrum?
Can you hear me loud and clear
when I whisper down your ear?.



The purpose of society is to cultivate
a full flowering of the individuals within it. 
To put the society before the individual
is seemingly confusing ends and means.
The ultimate mission of us all who are
the living human residents of this World
is to prepare the basis for life to sprout
in a loving, caring, friendly environment.
The vast majority of humanity on Earth
still deprived, most have also been in denial
stubbornly convinced they own their children
while they authoritatively enforce their beliefs
with dogma and bias onto the new generation.
Adults are custodians to children of mankind
each one of us can be here with open hearts
wide open arms for those who have no voice.
The beloved is emerging with every birth of life
we need celebrate this most genuine observance
guide the new generation to rise to human potentials
by delivering a clean, civilized, enlightened generation.
This is the challenge of the spirit, our innermost requisite
we shall find peace when we experience a change of heart
only when we would cease to feel separate from one another.



I saw reflections of my thoughts
in the mirror of streaming words
as I reached out for a black pearl
at the mouth of the big bad oyster.
It slipped out, sinking down deep
I dived head first, my ears ringing
eyes searching for a color long lost
a dark reflection impacted my eyes.
I locked on it blindly, barely clinging
guided by my instincts, arms stretched
with a reflexed touch I snatched the pearl
hence it grabbed me back, firmly dragging
through a cavity, right into a deepening hole
I woke up just before the fall, it is all I recall.



A reluctant faith approaches an unknown fate
after all, the universe is unfolding as it should 
worse things may happen for the best reasons 
there is a prevailing balance in the opposites
ride with the surf, follow the flow of the grain
at the razor's edge of the inner and the outer
cycles within cycles expand in quantum ways
whatever will be will be, why count your days?.