Tuesday, June 23, 2015


An ironic rise from epitome of disguise
in the process of life, it helps to be wise
together we must find the basis of trust

otherwise we won't be able to go past
dubious extinctions happening so fast.

This requisite is based on a common need

there is plenty of stuff that we can concede

as custodians of nature, a wonderful deed

only after we assume true troth with ease

we should be able to live life as we please.


Some of us have been locked up in personality
only in deepest dreams may truth show its face
we know very well the false aspect of our nature
yet, we often hide behind a disguised disposition.
Vanity demands, we dress up to appropriate attire
to have an appearance of what we supposedly are
strange as this may sound, we are willfully impaired
by assumed distinctions as they are being compared.