Sunday, May 24, 2015


For a moment deem this possible dream
the presence of your self in cyberspace
animated with total movement capability
parallel journey of induced virtual reality.

Full interaction in the World Wide Web 

you can exist any way you wish in here

roaming at your will all over cyberspace

with the voice, personality, of a real self.

Dreams could be realized a distinct way

I have been working on it night and day

that stupendous day is not too far away

could even be tomorrow if I had my say.



Integration of raw primitive reflexes
In discerning subtle modern scruple
Stretching Primitive-Modern polarity
Into coalescing of the opposite ends
When horizons curve into each other
Psychic powered lightning will strike.




Change is inevitable
one way or another
sooner or later
it will take place.
No need to resist
just grow into it,
whether you let go
flow with the grain
or resist the change
persist on the same
would stall the game.
Your aptitude to skim
can alter at the seam
the nature of a dream.
The mastery of poise
can put you in charge
should you so please
make yourself at ease
in hard times like this
just go with the flow
how the wind may blow
can determine the show.



Some worshippers have their faith well polished
as they tend to prayers to wash away their sins
begging for forgiveness, beseeching for things

not understanding the nuance of what it means.

Most believers are waning, wanting and begging

only few are humbly thankful, simply affirming

there is the odd vindicator ranting and grunting

demanding satisfaction, grudgingly complaining.

Real faith is just a matter of believing in good

prayers are consummated seeking for the truth

my quest is sharp focused, I will not be fooled

will plead abstraction unless otherwise assured.