Sunday, May 03, 2015


Walked straight through a gate
approached the lost and found 
inquiring about a broken heart
in dire condition, laying around.
I was accordingly apprehended 
concerning subversive activities
interrogated by dubious devices
once cleared of ulterior motives
taken to an undisclosed location
where I spotted a desolate heart
whom I salvaged for a fresh start.



The last man left on Earth
all alone, terrified and lonely
sheltered in a ravaged space
buried in dirt inside the earth
left behind since life was kind
never mind, he must be blind
since he still expects to find
some other soul of his kind
hard to handle the last hurdle
without a loved one to cuddle
banging his head on the floor
he hears a knock at the door.


Spreading message through cyber passage
I'm just a conduit, the poet is mother nature
We aught to be paying heed at this juncture
Should we have the wish for a better future.

Inarticulate words are wasted on this matter

It could be for the worse if not for the better

Slaughtered mighty trees to build us shelter

Depleted the forests while we became fatter.

What we have here is just a stark reminder

That we are slowly going under, no wonder

We have taken it all, this is time to flounder

The fatal consequence of historical plunder.



There is impending failure in an ideal 
yet an idealist should not fold or falter
however relevant may be the intention
the end result is all there is to mention.

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Tuning up the chord of this poetic word
which I could record and abruptly export
if you took me to court, I would find support 
in simmering slang, I ate the whole shebang
at the end of the rant, I swallowed my tongue.



I was drifting in my dream, the current took me

I did not resist the flow, a matter of wait and see

when it comes to the crunch, I'll need the energy

to snap out of a situation that don't render me free.



Some of us have been locked up in a personality
only in the deepest dreams may truth show face
we know very well the false aspects of our nature
yet, we often hide behind a disguised disposition.

Our vanity will make us put on appropriate attire

have the appearance of what we supposedly are

odd as this may sound, we are willfully impaired

permanently so, when distinctions are compared.