Sunday, April 26, 2015


There was a wake up call promptly intercepted

sophisticated methods used by spying oglers

picking the message like a thread from butter

in a matter of moments blinders were fluttered

orders were released to locate loose roosters

eyebrows were raised, beaks were tightened.

Fractured were relations in draconian quarters

oligarchic vestiges facing absolute extinction

nerves were sharpened, sabers rattled in vain

as pain would remain in a threatened domain

the meek would get shuffled again and again

at the tip of the iceberg there is plenty to gain.

Sweeping changes in exchanges is long due

sleeping herds were alerted to take their cue.

A century old promise is finally coming true

there is little difference between me and you.


Friday, April 24, 2015


A scribble enables the germ of an idea to attain expression 
From this deluge of abstract shapes Suboriginal art emerges
Profoundest depths of memory tapped, instincts on high alert
Opening the mind and putting it upon the scent of new thoughts
The eyes will sooner be furnished with an abundance of subjects
Conjuring those images and gradually bringing them to the surface
Scrutinizing the content, revealing rhyme and reason within context
An ongoing process as the invoked are evoked with winds of change.



Let us for a moment theoretically concur
in the significance of a parallel universe
This is a starting point, the seed stage 
From here on, sprouting takes place.
The presence of humans in cyberspace
with interactive ability bestowed virtuality
animated totally in full functioning capacity
as in the alternate setting of induced reality.
Here we can function in an alternative way
similar to the spider, but in a humanly way
might dreams be realized in a distinct way
once we set the stage we shall find a way.



An ironic rise from epitome of disguise

in the process of life, it helps to be wise

together we must find the basis of trust

otherwise we will not be able to go past

galling obstacles that are gathering fast.

This requisite is based on a common need

there is plenty of stuff that we can concede

as custodians of nature, a wonderful deed

only after we assume this troth with ease

we should be able to live life as we please.



I have witnessed mood swings 
from heaven to hell and back
ecstasy turn into pitch black
within the blink of the eye.

Hot temper is hard to take

rage might erode the vessel

less you harness this feeling

with gloom you’ll be dealing.

Making use of intense passion

an abundance of pure emotion

a keenly applied potent potion

could impact the entire ocean.

Once heated, temper ignites

spreading emotional delights

can lure a wild mood swing 

into an dark, ominous thing. 

The arrow aimed by a seraph

right at the centre of the heart

once stricken by an angel's fire

things hated could turn to love.



All I have is just a thread
separating me from here and there
I am holding on to the very end
of this space between birth and death.
I once, reached out at standing words
grabbed a few before they got stranded,
now I am all ears at this second calling.
This bottled note rolling on the floor
will serve as a last drop of sustenance
reserved for such a special occasion.
My intervention will be a last ditch effort
to loosen up this tightening tension.
Should I disturb this rioting silence
my insertion will be of the very need
to command a demanding attention.
Before I let go, let me make a go
"One more kiss if you please!".


Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Our mind needs to go to the restroom constantly
to empty the excess of garbage that accumulates
when we go to sleep this takes place automatically
memories wrapped in thought pouring out of dreams
entangled episodes in knots, keep clogging our brains.
Meditation helps release heavy junk that remain behind
the pressure of them disturbing thoughts clinging to mind
consciously removing weight, off with delusions of torment
must attain stillness in the mind, holding it with deep breath
just a matter of filling the vacuum with crystal clear thoughts
single pointedness, sharp focus as breath refreshing the heart
released effortlessly, slowly letting go of the accumulated stuff.



What's inside can also be found outside, all is in the whole 
Opposite ends of polarity probed, microcosm - macrocosm
Horizons curve into each other as infinity stretches eternity
Time does not go further, since the beginning is at the end
Accordingly, the world below might open to worlds beyond
when quantum potentials are simultaneously synchronized.




Getting rid of the phoney self is not an easy task
It has taken years to develop a convincing mask
Such safety measures necessitate much disguise
Why can't we all be living in the nude, dare I ask?.

The conditioning takes place at an early age
People are groomed to dress up every stage
Shame if you do not cover your private place
Being bare naked in public will cause outrage.

Who says so, and why is everyone staying in line?
After all we arrive with just our skin from the divine
Being shy, proud or ashamed is no problem of mine
I envy the animals, natural, genuine and so sublime.

There are laws to punish so called bawdy presence
In certain religions such conduct causes much grief
Adam and Eve with leaf are a well established belief
Being true to one's birthright is not a matter of relief.

Some female folk are forced to cover even their head
Others are forced to hide their body or they’ll be dead
Much absurdity in religious dogma, which is really sad
Should people ignore the rules they are made to dread.

I rather not just be bare naked, but also totally transparent 
Which would make me vulnerable, this is rather apparent
I persist in being true to myself, should this be the case
In the World as it stands, I would merely be losing face.