Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I have travelled in time, further and deeper
been back a while, caught up with the past
vrrrrooooomm….. I got the future right in my lap
I know who won the derby and the price of gold
two years from now, that’s what I have been told
lately, in the here and now I am acting bold
just because I know what needs to be sold.


Silent moment in reverie
Making use of the muse
Alert as a deft warrior 
Courteous as a pilgrim
Fluid like melting ice
Clear as crystal water
Hollow like a bamboo
Winds embracing you
Who have a patience
for the mud to settle
Keep still like a rock
Witness the actuality
In total transparency.



Reflections from the dark side
Here is where shadows hide
Close eyes, open inside wide
Dream spume, surfing slide
Getting ready for mystic ride.
Ashes are turning into dust

Past flashbacks rushing past

Obscured visions fading fast

Invisible sight under the crust 

Lucid dreaming comes at last.


When separate entities become friends
despite differences they inherited in life
beyond religion, nation, gender, and race
tradition, custom, conditioning and place.
When the individual, the person, the soul
can embrace another without any bother
see the differences as guiltless attributes
only then peace and love could manifest.


There is no obligation for unconditional love
just heartfelt affection, dedication and loyalty
willing to go the distance without any doubt
belonging to a lover is what devotion is about
such is the thrill of adoration, not just a clout
the more the feeling, the happier is the being
but at the end, the harder might be the leaving
such is the balance of life, fragile at the source
would crumble if it were kept in place by force
love is a natural feeling, one can not enforce.



On a table of roulette a fast feast has been laid
the famished are being offered an enticing bait
by means of the wheel spin a spurious promise
losers with bulging eyes are a subject to demise
they have been wiped out as the oracle can tell
predicting just about all that is about to prevail
when bettors push their luck they end up in jail
compulsive gamblers left with their soul to sell.


A reluctant faith reassures an unknown fate
after all the universe is unfolding as it should 
some terrible things happen for best reasons 
there is the intricate balance of the opposites.

The sharp thin line from sublime to the divine
stretching from deep inside to the far outside
at the razor's edge, between inner and outer
cycles move within cycles, in spirited circles.
Ascending is simply the bounce of descending
since the order of cause and effect is prevailing
as the density contracts, intensity is expanding
feat of a black hole is comprehensive recycling.


Monday, March 09, 2015


The universe is contracting and expanding simultaneously
Erratically, a push here, a pull there, occur inadvertently
Whether the chosen were selected rather mysteriously
While we regress implicitly yet rapidly towards infinity
The illusion of the illusion of the illusion of an illusion
Mindfulness to some degree, holding responsibility
Tending as we might, to the solidity of our resolve
The quantum equation is the riddle to be solved
Consequently the whole plexus will be involved.