Saturday, January 24, 2015


I ask myself what is my intention
why do I bother to post another
reminder of man made disaster

will it alter the established order?.

The truth is relative to the watcher

the adept don’t listen to a preacher

my intention is not being a teacher

but rather painting another picture.

I am just a passer by, sharing surmise

seeking surety, getting satisfaction thus

here now, gone tomorrow, not to surprise

could I change the World after my demise?.


A point of view could be a serious liability 
as a person is approaching the hereafter.
An objective view should have to consider 
all possibilities concurrently in the making.
When a first hand experience is occurring
whatever imagination may render possible
could manifest in a way in time and space.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


The desire of being loved as the one and the only
has been placed deep in the marrow of the bone

such a relentless need all humans inherently have

rather than overall love for everyone, everywhere

this yearning of being the uniquely exclusive love
can rarely be attained yet appropriately en-trained.


I jumped out of a crazy dream
my heart beating way too fast
I have arrived here going past
what is present could not last.

A snowball rolling down a slope
speeding up, gaining momentum
growing in size, dashing in a rush
swallowing everything on it's path.

Just as I was running out of time
an instantaneous action took place
I accelerated in tremendous pace
automatically stretching the space.

A latent potent pop burst into action
traveling in time by means of suction
back and forth in a vibrating friction
what I saw was future, not just fiction.

When I instantly opened my eyes
the dream I had just experienced
was protruding with a soft landing
ahead of me in projected standing.

I caught up with an envisioned future
unfolding underneath my lucid dream
a reversal of a 'de ja vu' manifesting
here and now literally suspending.

The place I have arrived in due course
has now been realized as my resource
since I took a peek into a future source
as destiny was unfolding out of course.

Back and forth, here now later gone
I marvel at a future which is now on
having witnessed what is yet to come
I surely know what needs to be done.


Monday, January 19, 2015


The answer came initially out of the blue
had not asked the question, not even you
It surfaced from the void, totally by chance
I had to trace it back to a bona fide seance.
A dream in which we were dancing in trance
inadvertently in a way, as delusion enhance.
The crop circle manifest, a sign clearly seen
has been from the beginning a force within.
A guiding light that discerns red from green
which is simply a place where I have been. 
To be of this World, yet in a universe within
can hardly believe at what I have just seen.


Crying out deep inside
Enjoy and endure
receive and reveal
all the treasures
of lifes mystery.
Display the noblest
of all deeds and causes.
Drinking and breathing
from the fountain of love
that which knows no limit
has no limit
is infinital
has no ending!.



Easy does it
begin right 
and you are easy 
continue easy
and you are right.
The right way to go ea
is to forget the right way 
forget that the going is easy.


Incite if you dare the inner ride
dive into it, take the deeper slide
probe into the soul but do not hide 
till you emerge from the brighter side.
What we make of this will mostly depend
on whether we destroy or could we amend
let us write in sand a message we can send
short of the written word, things get out of hand.