Sunday, January 18, 2015


An ironic rise from epitome of disguise
in the process of life, it helps to be wise
together we must find the basis of trust
otherwise we will not be able to go past
such changes in climate manifest so fast.

This requisite is based on a common need

there is plenty of stuff that we can concede

as custodians of nature, a wonderful deed

only when we assume this troth with ease

should we be able to live life as we please.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


We get Zzzaaappppppped sometimes 
we have no idea, not the slightest clue
where from, who by, what is the purpose
we walk in a daze, dangling like a puppet
when called upon, we do what we are told
we don't even realize how far this has gone
do you have any doubt about such goings on?.


The established order promotes
a rendition of productive slavery
by integrating developing societies
into strict consumer orientation
while stagnating creative freedom.
Vested interests comply
coercing and manipulating
through the mass media
by political, economic means
religiously justified methods
applied to protect the system
from endangered species
seeking desperate freedom.
To achieve staunch control
by means of conditioning
subliminal strings pulled
eager earthlings coerced
to think in a certain way
or not to think at all
responding favourably
positioned accordingly.
Only those rare individuals
who fall through the cracks
escape such circumstances
however they are considered
rebels without a just cause
the outsiders, the anarchists
subversive unwonted natives
requiring strict compliance
to fall in line with the rest
being banal functionaries
obedient servants at best
pillars of temporal society
befitting instituted hierarchy.

Friday, January 16, 2015


Son of a gun hope you had your fun
You better give me a ding when done
I am climbing a slippery slope with hope
You are holding the other end of the rope.


We are changing but not all at once
Some will crawl and some will dance
It is the attitude, not just the chance
The ilk of change will thus enhance.


Some of us have been locked up from our personality
Only in our deepest dreams dare truth show it's face
We know very well those aspects of our real nature
yet, most often hide behind a charming disposition
Trouble they spell, as social encounters encumber
We may find them embarrassing but they are there
Dignity might deny acceptance, favouring escapism
Shallow vanity, holding us from cherishing ourselves
Odd as this may sound, we are impaired without unity
As we compromise whilst bonding with our community.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015



Here is a word I want to attribute to the internet
the person who unconditionally shares on line
people are more concerned about the copyright
there is a holding back, a fear, a need to protect
may the SHARER be an instance of inspiration
music, poetry, art to be shared indiscriminately.
I hereby use my poetic license to share SHARE
a word that describes www unconditional sharing.


I have been up and down, 
sideways, round and about
in and out, between things
at intervals hanging around

whirling in imperfect circles 

rolling like a hard boiled egg.

I have crossed the dire straights 

so many times and by so far

I might descend into a silence

only you can see me through


silence my eyes!.


The depth of your being
encompasses hidden forces
with the potential of expanding
the traits which are on the surface.

What was suppressed can be provoked
latent powers emerge once they're evoked
those dormant energies can easily be tapped
once they are detected and carefully unwrapped.

On one hand there will be many benefits to contend
yet such an intricate process should inevitably depend
on an attitude, the purpose of what a person might intend
with the assumption that quantum perception will never end.