Sunday, December 28, 2014


The purpose of society is to promote 
a full flowering of the individuals within it. 
To put the society before the individual 
is to confuse ends and means. 

The ultimate mission of us all who are 
the living human residents of planet Earth 
is to prepare the basis for life to sprout 
within a loving, friendly environment.
The big majority of humanity today 
are still deprived, most are also in denial 
they still believe they own their children 
as they authoritatively enforce their beliefs 
convictions and bias into the new generation. 
We are the custodians of ‘the children of mankind’.
each and every one of us should be here with open hearts 
open arms and best intentions for those who have no voice.
The beloved is emerging each time a child is born
It must be a celebration, our most genuine observance 
to help those children to grow up to their potentials.
We are not a finished process, we have the capacity
to deliver a clean, civilized, enlightened generation
such is the challenge of the spirit, our innermost requisite.

We could make true civilization if we experience a change 
of heart and cease to feel separate from one another.


My heart goes out to all the things I love
pity, towards everything I could not love
mercy, if I could have abundance of love
like air, there is a constant source of love
the heart must breathe it and pump it out
yet the air is thickening with so much clout
you have to look and see, what’s it all about
this planet is polluted, to that there is no doubt
yet there’s still plenty of fresh air, crying out loud.


Is our faith strengthened because we worship
Or.. do we worship because we have this faith
The things we worship are divergent in nature
From God to Money, whatever boasts urgency
As faith begets will power, we're thus rewarded
Truth of all things is being heedlessly discarded
Should a seeker acknowledge unknown aspect
Honesty with one’s own self not highly regarded
Which may be indicative of a lack of self respect.


A feast of memories 
tiny bits, mega stories
spread all over the mind
lucid delights, familiar bites
first hand spiced historic treats.
Some memories are terribly tough
just because they have had it rough
skinny dip your fingers into the sauce
as you get deeper you will find a cause
which has since been hardened, I suppose
choose a happy one, is what I should propose.


Beyond the shadow of a slightest doubt
a trace of the moon seen in silver spoon
inside your mouth, under a sharp tongue

hold on to the temptation, don't let it hang

hankering might spoil the whole shebang.

Sugar coated tongue has charming entice

sweet nothings into the ear sounding nice

in spite of fiery desire engender nasty vice

do not brood even if you end up in demise

trivial pursuits fetch only a skin-deep price.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


At the tip of the iceberg there is water dripping
The making of a separate reality running unison
Parallel paths steaming frozen in a chartless map
Might once again melt at the sight of a heart warmer
If one could distinguish the genuine from the charmer.


The entity captured in an instant
at the blink of an eye in slow motion 
had been suspended between intervals
biting time patiently, longing to be realized.
In a flash it vanished, an illusion was all it was 
a ghost of a ghost, the shadow of what was lost
an appearance only related to that moment's catch
endless possibilities in store at imagination's stretch.


Monday, December 22, 2014


I may not be my ego this takes time to resolve
which may even be scary to admit and realize
the identity we are given at our arrival, is false
the true self is suffocated, as soon as it shows
adjusting to the way people are, is a challenge
do we fail when we are outsiders or is it a right
to stay indifferent to conditioning, even despite
being forced to obey or else threaten with spite
to be cast aside, as a nonconformist out of site.