Friday, December 12, 2014


The last man left on Earth
all alone, terrified and lonely
sheltered in a ravaged space
left behind, with no one to face,
never mind, should he be blind
since he is still expecting to find
some other people of his kind.
It is hard to handle a last hurdle
without another soul to cuddle.
Banging his head on the floor
he hears a knock at the door.



At the negation of inherent existence 
when the mind is emptied container
of nothingness where all life sprouts
cherishing emptiness in utter silence
where the hummmm of the universe
is perceived and received in essence
stillness of the mind meets the divine
here all in nothing reveals the sublime.



I have witnessed mood swings 
from heaven to hell and back
when ecstasy turns pitch black

within the blink of a turned eye.

Hot temper is hard to take

rage damages the container 

unless you harness the feeling 

with gloom you will be dealing.

Taking hold of intense passion

an abundance of tense emotion

handled with discerning caution

can have impact over the ocean.

Such potential transforms the game

may even lead to fortune and fame

when channeled, a wild mood swing 

could be a productive, positive thing.



Nothing hurts like the fuss inside
if it climbs out, just shove it aside
trapped in mind, nowhere to hide
with every move she'll take a bite.
Let her take hold, no point to fight
open your mind, escape she might
if she should stay under your sight
must treat her right, she can ignite.
The wrath of pain gets you kneeling
ruthless she might, there's no telling
give her feeling, she might be willing
once this is over, you'll start healing.



I visit the garden of my youth
in many of my lucid dreams
where in the muddle of memory
I would be climbing a bare tree
so carefree, as far as eyes see
rolling behind their daily lids.
The years have clamped past
yet my dreams may still last
for the rest of my days I trust
to avoid from gathering dust
I must once again live the past.



Take it or just leave it
this is a personal meat
in a one way street
grab a seat
stretch your feet
life is going to be
one hell of a treat.
I offer my flesh
for you to chew
I know you’ll say
“what is new?"
This is a safe place
to save face
when you disgrace
there will be no trace.
I could chase it down
with tears of my own
this is the meanest meal
you shall find in town
you may not digest it
when you see me frown.