Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Is our faith strengthened because we worship
Or do we worship because we have the faith?
The things we worship are divergent in nature
From God to Money, whatever has the urgency
As faith begets will power, we're thus rewarded
Of all things it’s truth that's absolutely discarded.
Should a seeker acknowledge unknown aspect
To be honest with one's self is a seer’s prospect.


Monday, November 17, 2014


Getting rid of the phoney self is not an easy task
It has taken years to develop a convincing mask
Safety measures are fostered to be able to bask
Why can't we all be living in the nude, dare I ask?.

The conditioning takes place at an early age

You're advised to dress up to avoid disgrace

Shame if you do not cover your private place

Being bare naked in public will cause outrage.

Who says so, and why is everyone staying in line?
After all we arrive with just our skin from the divine
Being shy, proud or ashamed is no problem of mine
I envy the animals, natural, genuine and so sublime.

There are laws to punish so called bawdy presence
In certain religions such conduct causes much grief
Adam and Eve with leaf are a well established belief
Being true to one's birthright is not a matter of relief.

Some female folk are forced to cover even their head
Others are forced to hide their body or they’ll be dead
Much absurdity in religious dogma, which is really sad
When people ignore the rules, they are forced to dread.

I would like to be not just naked but also transparent 
Which would make me vulnerable, which is apparent
Considering I would like to be my true self at any case
In the World as it stands, I would merely be losing face.


Raw Nature Eyeballed by Refined Civilization
The opposite ends of polarity curve into each other
The incident of a moment in cutting edge scrutiny.


Revelations of the artist of the process of exploration:
Unconscious doodles, scribbles consciously explored
the abstract process of expressing invisible emotions.

Unscrambling the Suboriginal scribble is like deciphering
some visions struggle to come to life, I am just a conduit
what is below the surface was buried in the subconscious
once conjured, the images rapidly emerge out of obscurity.

Streaming with the cyber currents of the World Wide Web
The entities which never were, engage in an eternal affair.


A sense of dedication, devotion and loyalty
There is no obligation to unconditional love
Willing to go the distance without any doubt

Belonging to a lover is what love is all about
It is the thrill of the experience, not the clout.

The more the loving, the happier is the feeling
At the end of the line, the harder is the leaving.
The value of life, well established at the source
Would crumble apart if was put in place by force
Memories deserve a toast, let life take it's course.



Much was given as a token
then again fun was taken
this way it was forsaken
as the dice was shaken
the solution was baking.
Seduction was all it took
the sucker took the hook
as was written in the book
better look before you cook
whether by hook or by crook.



Suboriginal drawings not only disclose 
The hidden aspects of the artist's vision
But what the seer is capable to perceive
As such they reflect as subliminal mirror
We witness ourselves in another's eyes
Subtle symbols instinctively recognized
What is within is also part of the whole.



I was taken by surprise
at the corner of my eyes 
caught glimpse of demise
in the blue Moon just once
have heard whispering cries
of forsaken angels in a trance
ruffled by my blistering glance.



A point of view has a slight credibility
when one is approaching the hereafter
an open mind, while yearning to dance
is coerced to take this cautious stance. 

As the inner and the outer converge
at the verge of a well ripened age
a butterfly that has been a worm once
might as well take one final chance.

The assumer is cautioned to consider 
the quantum perceptions ever changing
there can be no point in contemplating
while a first hand episode is occurring.



Intelligence is an open wound, treat it with wisdom
cunning is the by-product, ruthlessly it will destruct.
What is truly from the heart, a capacity for empathy
is savagely squandered by condescending apathy.