Thursday, November 06, 2014


There is a lack of transparency
which makes the World affairs
dubiously flawed, dark and ugly
whistle blowing is the tendency.
Will the lights ever be turned on
the whole picture clearly visible
accurate view of existing reality
could that even be conceivable?.
The skillful game of deception
is considered shrewd diplomacy
which is an essential ingredient
in established political systems.
The power of crude brute authority
will now be diminishing really fast
the game of war is played digitally
on the web, with computers at last.
Could we put an end to this game
if we admit we are much the same
vanity of power over each other
is not going to get us any further.

Monday, November 03, 2014


I have witnessed mood swings 
from heaven to hell and back
ecstasy turn into pitch black
within the blink of the eye.

Hot temper is hard to take

fervour erodes it's container

unless you harness the feeling

with gloom you could be dealing.

Getting hold of intense passion

an abundance of pure emotion

masterly applied potent potion

could impact an entire ocean.

When it is fired, temper ignites

a source of a thousand delights

one can turn a wild mood swing 

into a highly charged erotic fling.



A repose amongst fleeting visions
at an interval, a moment, an instance
in a flash it goes, as though it never was
but something was captured, an impression
which alters the quantum aspects of perception
what appears is relative to instantaneous capture
infinite possibilities hinted at this moment's rapture.




The entity captured in an instant
at the blink of an eye in slow motion 
had been suspended between intervals
biting time patiently, longing to be realized.
In a flash it vanished, an illusion was all it was
the ghost of a ghost, a shadow of what was lost
an appearance only related to that moment's catch
endless possibilities in store at imagination's stretch.


We arrive to this life in human body
right away we are given an identity
number, nationality, stamp of entry
compromise the chance to be free.
Like acrobats we balance polarity
to attain an unadulterated destiny
as we attempt to maintain sanity
despite indulging in trivial vanity.
Providing that mercy trumps pity
should there be cause for dignity.



Nothing hurts like the fuss inside
if it climbs out, just shove it aside
trapped in mind, nowhere to hide
with every move she'll take a bite.

Let her take hold, no point to fight
open your mind, escape she might
if she should stay under your sight
must treat her right, she can ignite.

The wrath of pain gets you kneeling
ruthless she might, there's no telling
give her feeling, she might be willing
once this is over, you'll start healing.