Monday, September 15, 2014


The Glad thing: 
We have the capacity to live up to our potential

we have past experience which makes us wise.

The Sad thing:
Should we look at the future with yesterday’s bickering eyes
we are inevitably faced with a catastrophic end in disguise.

The Real thing:
We are here now, gone tomorrow, we are just passing through
what we leave behind is passed over to generations coming through.

The Probable thing: 
We were like a cloud once, we fell to Earth drop by drop like rain
where we fall doesn’t own us, we shall sooner or later evaporate.

My thing: 
Do your thing, do it the best you can, but do it playing
even if you fall into the ocean, you still have something.



The essence of our being
encompasses hidden forces
with the potential of expanding
the traits which are on the surface
by tapping into dormant inclinations
the dark side can now be enlightened
arcane latent powers are being awakened
what we can make of this will certainly depend
on whether we are to exploit or we should amend
our true intention should be apparent at the very end.



My heart goes to all the things I love
pity towards everything I couldn’t love
like air, there is an abundance of love
the heart must breathe it and pump it out
yet the air gets polluted with so much junk
you have to look at it, at least I do, I read
this planet is polluted, no doubt about that
but there is still plenty of fresh air to breathe.



Here is a place where the unsaid will find voice
in more than just small talk and obscure noise
such precise wording will be a matter of choice 
all said and done there will be grace and poise.