Sunday, August 17, 2014


1st movement
a performance piece
First would come 
the stimulation
with clever foreplay, 
emotional smarts
charming small talk
sudden mood swings.

Pushing buttons
pulling strings

devious means
dubious flings
an assortment 
of sexy things.

The elevation 
of potential lovers
to sensational peaks
with emotional squeaks
then, all of a sudden
the bottom kicks!.

Falling is almost 
like flying
when there is 
no ground
to fall upon.

This is it
a sudden stroke 
a seizure, a fit
a crack in the yoke 
darkness unlit
sucking every bit 
of tender feeling
just leaving
an empty shell
a bundle of straw
a dried up puppet.


Wake up puppet
wake up and play!.




2nd movement


Bite marks all over 
her lower lip 
a slip 
of the tongue 
& cheek 
stiff upper lip 
She was hurting! 

He too was hurting 

in his own 
different ways.. 
His anger hurting him 
driving him to 
temper tentrums 
and shivers of rage 
like a beast 
in a cage.

When they met 

they were hurting 
together for a while 
the collective pain 
grew louder 
and louder! 
and louder!!!! 
Breaking hearts 
shattering nerves 
exploding minds 
with hysteric gestures 
and pathetic attitudes 


they decayed 

in and out of 
each other. 

What had transpired 

was a macabre fusion 
a psychic transmutation 
of body, aura, mind 
& never mind the evidence 

The undeniably 

story of 
two seperate 
acting out the same will. 




Dead of night
not a soul in sight
going back a while
if I looked up high
as I passed you by
in a darkened sky
without a decent 'hi'
the reason why
was not because
dust got in my eye
just wanted to deny
a taxing goodbye.



We are the nuclear generation
born under tremendous ability
Mother Earth can be impaired  
accidentally or even intentionally.

The urgency of ending this menace
seems to be eluding the World leaders
we have been handed a chilling reality 
a haunting presence of such capability.

The responsibility of our humanity
is not only to avoid this  probability
to do away with to such a possibility
the consideration is ignored presently.

We aren't just a transient generation
but an endangered species in motion
unable to get rid of a nuclear malice
which threatens our entire civilization.


Saturday, August 16, 2014


Beneath the still waters
there's a strong undertow
the surface does not show
what the deep waters know.

Incite if you dare the inner ride
dive into it, find the deeper slide
probe into your soul, do not to hide
until you surface from the bright side.


Friday, August 15, 2014


The poet is a Word Priest
to Play is this poets Prayer
the Choice is to make a Voice
let us Pray, Play and Rejoice.

Let us play a prayer
in private or in public
may it be brief,
to its point
instant relief.

Let us play it
in such a manner
as not to heed
the demons which feed
upon our dreaded fear.

Oh Lord, oh lord all might be!
the source of our creation
the means of our destruction
the breathe of life and death
cause and witness to formation.

Oh Lord…. Oh lord all might be!
if you be attached or detached
if you give us a hand or a push…

Hold your breathe
serve your mercy
deliver us from here
so we may arise again
not so much in fear
not so much in pain
not so eager to complain.

Rid us of Defeat
Rid us of Victory
End of Story.



There are maverics who hold the key
to set everyone free, but that ain't easy,
life is short and time slides down the slope. 
I hope there will be many others of such scope
who will push the envelope until humans can cope
with exploitation of the masses enforced from the top.
There is still hope, for each person to be their own pope.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Alarming wake up call 
promptly intercepted
by sophisticated methods 
used by spying oglers
in removing a message
like a thread from butter.

Blinders briskly fluttered
blinkers keenly adjusted
orders rapidly released
to locate loose roosters
in draconian quarters
with distinguished beaks.

Fractured are relations
amongst differing nations
what is being demanded
is unconditional patience
as rare oligarchic vestiges
are facing dire extinction.

Ruthlessly inflicted pain
will be applied again
as sabers rattle in vain
tyrants stand to gain
in conflict gone insane
misery will remain.



Lost scriptures reveal 
ancient tabernacle 
restored under 
delicate circumstances 
to be kept alive and caged
in state sponsored museum.

A soldier of fortune
will only kiss fat feet
which has plenty meat
more than one can eat.

Spring of martyrdom
a brainwashed bomb
detonated at random
engendered from
a devastated home.

Some losses can be contained
but the loss of a human soul
will blow over and hover
akin to screaming ghosts
stripped of their cover
about to discover
skeletal remnants
of man made power.



A black hole in the heart of the holy grail
Your paradise is a slippery slope to hell,
I can tell because I more than once fell
But was rescued at the nick of the bell.
What life has in store is absurd to tell,
I won't be there, yet I wish you well.



The order of God may not be totally good
but that is what we got for our own good
naked we stood, seeking shelter and food
we accomplished much thus we are proud
reaching out to the stars, breaking ground
progressing, but peace we have not found.



Slow cooking simmer on back burner
frogs in top form bathing in lukewarm
nice and steady, easy does it, leisurely
with kid gloves on, stirring constantly 
bringing them to boil ever so gingerly.
This method, although politically correct
could potentially have a chilling effect.