Sunday, July 13, 2014


The answer came prior, most unexpected
Had not asked the question, not even once
It surfaced from the void, totally by chance
Had to trace it back to the bona fide glance
A dream of one kind transcending another
Had been the way my views evolved further
The crop circle manifest, vision clearly seen
Had from the beginning been a force within.



I have witnessed mood swings 
from heaven to hell and back
seen ecstasy turn pitch black
within the blink of an eye.

Hot temper is hard to take
rage damages the container
unless you harness the feeling
with gloom you'll be dealing.

Taking hold of intense passion
an abundance of tense emotion
handled with discerning caution
can have impact over the ocean.

Such potential transforms the game
may even lead to fortune and fame
when controlled, a wild mood swing
can be a productive, positive thing.


Friday, July 11, 2014


The perception of the actual invisible environment 
takes place when the visible environment is dimmed
from a chartless darkness emerges layers of reverie.



Out of balance at the edge of a fiscal cliff hanger
this is not just a bad joke, get ready for the banger.
Solemn faced senators lobbying their favourite dish
here's the latest version of federally deserved fetish.
You can cross your fingers, make an ultimate wish
the sky has no limits, everyone is going to get rich.
You can buy all you want, there is plenty for each
an abundance of synthetics will inflate the organic.
The federal reserve should come out with a hat trick
you may be given total freedom to scratch your itch.
The supply side is about to kick in, no need to bitch
marching forward towards a fantastic plastic switch.



Alarming wake up call 
promptly intercepted,
sophisticated methods 
used by spying oglers
in removing the cipher
like a thread from butter.
Blinds briskly fluttered
orders rapidly released
to locate loose roosters
acting like monsters
with dubious motives.
Fractured are relations
in draconian quarters
rare oligarchic vestiges
are facing extinction
in corroding cages.
Gingerly inflicted pain
will be applied again
to drive people insane
as sabers rattle in vain.
It is now quite plain
that tyrants stand to gain
from the fate of a plane
lost in unknown terrain.



Traces of verse were sprinkled in between the lines
the poet and entourage had less than nothing to say
not a single drop of rhythm was spilled over the poem
tempo was assumed once the dormant note was played
pointed ears were in tears when listening to what was said.



There is no obligation for unconditional love
just heartfelt affection, dedication and loyalty
willing to go the distance without any doubt
belonging to a lover is what devotion is about
this is the thrill of adoration, not just a clout.

The more the feeling, the happier is the being
but at the end, the harder might be the leaving
such is the balance of life, fragile at the source
would crumble if it were kept in place by force
love is absolutely natural, you can not enforce.



I jumped out of a crazy dream
my heart beating way too fast
I have arrived here going past
what is present could not last.

A snowball rolling down a slope
speeding up, gaining momentum
growing in size, dashing in a rush
swallowing everything on it's path.

Just as I was running out of time
an instantaneous action took place
as I accelerated in tremendous pace
I automatically stretched the space.

A latent potent pop burst into action
traveling in time by means of suction
back and forth in a vibrating friction
what I saw was future, not just fiction.

Recalling instantly my eyes opened
the dream I had just experienced
was protruding with a soft landing
ahead of me in projected standing.

I caught up with an envisioned future
unfolding underneath a lucid dream
a reversal of a 'de ja vu' manifested
here and now was literally suspended.

The place I have arrived in due course
has now been realized as my resource
since I took a peek into a future source
as destiny was unfolding out of course.
Back and forth, here now.. later gone
I marvel at the future by now bygone
having witnessed what is yet to come
I surely know what needs to be done.