Friday, June 27, 2014


From a personal point of view
I'm madly in love with my maker
which also happens to be my taker
who I shall inevitably be joined with
my one and only beloved, the quietus.
With such comforting promise awaiting
patiently, from the other side of the pane
my passing will be the most assuring token
may this poem turn out to be a genuine omen
such a heartfelt yearning can never be forsaken.



In Anticipation
One eyebrow raised higher than the other
we do not wish to take this matter further
unless one has the will power, why bother
either you shall succeed or end up a loser.
Must reconsider values, make adjustments
the stakes can be lowered, scheme altered
a new person reborn with mind wide open
predestined to be the person one is hoping.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


While humanity grows more and more intelligent

there seems to be more distress, less happiness,

when we indulge in a thorough extensive inquiry

we quickly realize that in the absence of wisdom

cleverness will strengthen the arrogance of vanity

such be the outcome of blatant misuse of capacity.

All desires, cravings, tendency of self indulgence

enslave the native to the yearning lust of the flesh

accordingly the impulse of corruption supersedes.

Glory goes to the master of honesty and integrity

who can bring the whole self into righteous unity.



I have witnessed mood swings 
from heaven to hell and back,
seen ecstasy turn pitch black
within the blink of the eye.
Hot temper is hard to take,
rage damages its container,
less you harness that feeling
with gloom you'll be dealing.

Getting hold of intense passion
an abundance of tense emotion,
such self inflicted potent potion
can have impact over an ocean.

Fiery temper in a flash can come,
mutate as the willpower of some
who can turn a wild mood swing 
into a constructive positive thing.


Monday, June 23, 2014


I had a lucid dream, an invocatory affirmation 
may wholeness blossom beyond exploitation.
Our salvation lies in nurturing Earth to health
attaining the viability of creative regeneration
as honorary custodians of nature in our future.



Unscrambling the Suboriginal scribble is like deciphering
some visions struggle to come to life, I am just a conduit
what is beneath the surface is deep in the subconscious
once it's conjured, the image emerges out of obscurity.