Saturday, June 07, 2014


This verse is written in reverse
in a world of constant pretense
the contrary should make sense
there is no need to take offence.

Universities swindle knowledge
the legal system obstructs justice
money is the cause of poverty
doctors casually disrupt health.

The media distorts information
governments suppress freedom
patriotism constrains humanity
religion extinguishes spirituality.

Rather extreme this does sound
certitude is nowhere to be found
the sky has fallen to the ground
we'll have to turn things around.


Friday, June 06, 2014


Check out the super crupper
with the corner of a fishy eye
loading the rounds into a pie
placed in the groove of fluke
tossing them high in the sky
blistering blizzard, super sly
bones are spinning in the air 
everyone holding their breath
they fall and roll till they rest
right on the table for the call
if snake eyes were to fall 
the house would take it all.


The desire of being loved as the one and the only
has been planted deep in the marrow of the bone
such a persistent wish all humans inherently have
instead of embracing the blessing of universal love  
the yearning of being an exclusively adored object

could tear up a heart when it succumbs a reject.   



Is our faith strengthened when we worship
Or do we worship because we have faith?
The things we worship are also divergent
From God to Gold, whatever is the urgent
As faith becomes will power, we're rewarded.

I honestly worship nobody, not even myself 
The only faith I know is the quest for truth
Which is sometimes well disguised, obscure
Such truth acknowledges unknown aspect

Be honest with thy self, is a seer's prospect.

Thursday, June 05, 2014


I just washed down some small talk
with a gobble of watered down slurs
they were crowding my big mouth
idiotic idioms got caught in my teeth
rude remarks got stuck in my throat
I was chewing each bite with spite
I shouldn't spit out what I aught not
as the argument became rather hot
sort of a mouth to mouth rant delight
I might bite my lips to stop the fight
my tongue is quiet when out of sight
silence is the best way to get it right.



Was unheard of until I gave my ear
full of suspense, an indication of fear
such nonsense makes absolute sense
still, I could not help but take offense.

Suicide bombers have become the norm
they blow up people, like a deadly storm
the drones are the latest gadget in town
they too bomb without wasting their own.

When the soldiers are safe at a distance
the robots will take care of the nuisance
a drone may miss a target but still kill
innocent bystanders, such an awful feel.

We shall be monitored by drones soon
following the rehearsals in foreign soil
improved, with cutting edge accuracy
policing of citizens, an emerging policy.

The nano drones are the latest gadget
flying robots look like big fat mosquitos
on home ceilings programmed to collect
vital information for the classified select.


Monday, June 02, 2014


The scrupulous scrambling of  Suboriginal scribble 
visions struggle to come to life, I am just a conduit
what is below the surface is beyond consciousness
which is automatically but inadvertently taking place.