Sunday, May 25, 2014


Consciousness is everywhere like the air we breathe
assuming the heart is a pumping generator of motion
constantly prompting a life force empowering emotion
the abundance of feel, like the waves of a vast ocean.

The brain through which intelligence will enter the mind
a place where awareness could be found of some kind
beneath the surface, beyond boundaries one could find
an invisible presence presiding over the spiritually blind.

Friday, May 23, 2014


A moment of repose amongst fleeting visions
a breath of fresh air, an atmosphere of purity
quantum possibilities are under strict 
smothering of passage, all pressures are lifted
mind cleared of clutters, crystal spotless vision
lucid memories recalled with full transparency
if you please, focus single pointedly with ease
on such a basis, exactly as it is, let it freeze.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


The established order is all about survival
the prey will resist and the shark will insist
this has been the way so far, continuously
year after year, cycles of shark and prey...
We are at the threshold of a major change
the entire World can now casually interface
much of the secret has risen to the surface
every person can participate in cyberspace
beyond division of nation, religion, and race
besides selling products and winning a race
the world wide web is the alternative space.
The age of sharing is the outcome of caring
should we be willing, it will take some daring
there is an immutable change in the making.



It's the easiest thing to say
'this here is the right way'
but when it is time to play
with your neck on the line
much is being left undone.
Integrity should demand
that you take command
but first take a stand
once you understand
what to do my friend.
If you encounter wrath
while on this path

hold on to your breath
take awful disgrace
with amazing grace.
Should you engage
drop your fit of rage 
the challenge at this stage
is to unlock the cage
before turning the page.


First would come 
the stimulation
with clever foreplay, 
emotional smarts
charming small talk
sudden mood swings.
Pushing buttons
pulling strings
devious means
dubious flings
an assortment 
of sexy things.
The elevation 
of potential lovers
to sensational peaks
with emotional squeaks
then, all of a sudden
the bottom kicks!.
Falling is almost 
like flying
when there is 
no ground
to fall upon.
This is it
a sudden stroke 
a seizure, a fit
a crack in the yoke 
darkness unlit
sucking every bit 
of tender feeling
just leaving
an empty shell
a bundle of straw
a dried up puppet.


Wake up puppet
wake up and play!.



Lucid dreaming beneath daydreaming 
one facing down, the other facing up
when lying on the surface of the water
turning over from one side to another
spinning like a coin, from head to toe
all the time staying consciously aware
swinging back and forth, here to there
a coalescing of the inner and the outer
the higher the climb, the deeper a dive
the up and downs of roller-coaster ride
revolving it around, through the ground
the road below leads to worlds beyond.

Monday, May 19, 2014


When the stone sheds heavy tears 
then shall emerge the fallen one 
upon itself who seems to feed 
snake swallows rattled tail
aced with intimate venom
spider spinning a web
for its own measure
of pain and pleasure
scorpion circled with fire
will commit suicide in a dire
you can not be force-fed each day
wake up puppet, wake up and play.!.


I have witnessed mood swings 
from heaven to hell, relentless
rage can damage its container 
doom and gloom is the calling
unless you harness the feeling
with darkness you are dealing.

Taking hold of intense passion
in abundance of crude emotion
can have impact over the ocean
which may be a way of turning
such a devastating mood swing
into a rewarding, positive thing.



A reluctant faith reassures an unknown fate
after all, the universe is unfolding as it should 
dreadfull things happen for the best reasons 
there is an intricate balance in the opposites
at the razor's edge of the inner and the outer
cycles move within the cycles of deep circles
there could be a reckoning at the other end
if I were you though, I would do as I please
at the sperm bank you may be put to freeze.