Friday, May 09, 2014


The string that connects 
and separates the mask
to and from the puppet, 
that social power line 
that dispenses favour 
distinguishing the king 
from the peasant,
the line that separates 
master from slave
is simply ridiculous.
To cross it is heroic
but to define it
is to play the fool.

Monday, May 05, 2014


Alarming wake up call  
promptly intercepted
sophisticated methods 
used by spying oglers
in removing messages
like thread from butter.

Blinders briskly fluttered
blinkers rapidly adjusted
orders promptly released 
to locate loose roosters
with distinguished beaks
inside draconian quarters.

Fractured are relations 
amongst differing nations
what is being demanded
is unconditional patience
as rare oligarchic vestiges 
are facing dire extinction. 

Gingerly inflicted pain
will be applied again 
sabers rattle in vain
as war is in the cards
a tyrant stands to gain
in conflict gone insane.