Sunday, April 20, 2014


The initiation is brief
thoroughly executed
swiftly implemented
scrupulously injected
into willing consumers.

Soldiers of misfortune
cerebrum whitewashed
 cleared from intuition
when adapted intricately
as an applicable version
of appropriate software
planted in biased mind.

Solid loyalty established
unconditional obedience
to pre-arranged master
planning a suicidal task
martyr of a hallowed act
prepared meticulously
focused, gutsy, fearless
with unswerving docility.

The fanatically coated policy

of a state of bigoted zealotry

animosity is the human irony

of such a haunting perplexity

what an indubitably great pity

the shape of things to come

may be unacceptable to some

who can call Planet Earth home.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


It does not have to be a secret to spread
besides with whom do you care to share
who can cope with it, who wouldn't dare
to really give a darn, most certainly care
about the truth regarding why and where
we're sharing this moment now and here
the obstacle to acknowledgement is fear.

Consider for an instant, everything in the open
in total transparency, we can see through it all
fibs have nowhere to hide, nothing can escape
all is in clarity, precisely revealed as the whole
the herds have been in total darkness for ages
but now exposed with such blinding illumination

should they not handle it, there'll be abomination.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Subtle Prerequisite for Anarchist Society

Freedom, morality, and the human dignity 

of the individual consists precisely in this; 

that he is a giver not because he is so told 

but because he freely conceives it, lovingly.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I was once uprooted from the soil that gave me life
taken to far out places I could not have dreamed of
with roots dangling in the air I climbed clouds high
dancing, whirling my way in circles all over the sky
I have surrendered to the cyber winds, here is why
no matter what fate deals me I will take with a sigh.



I have discovered idiotic idioms in my mouth
yearning to be poetically uttered throughout
could be a delight when chewing bite by bite
deliciously thirst quenching, palate warming
now that I have nothing else I aught to hide
I'd love if you were willing to come for a ride.



The established order is all about survival
the prey will resist and the shark will insist
this has been the way so far, continuously
thousands of year cycles of shark and prey.
We are at the threshold of a major change
the entire World can now casually interface
much of the secret has risen to the surface
anybody can now participate in cyberspace
beyond division of nation, religion,and race
beyond selling products or winning the race
the world wide web is the alternative space.
The age of sharing is the outcome of caring
if only we are willing this takes some daring.


 "The thinker or artist whose better self has fled into his works feels an almost malicious joy when he sees his body and spirit slowly broken into and destroyed by time; it is as if he were in a corner, watching a thief at work on his safe, all the while knowing that it is empty and that all his treasures have been rescued."

— Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All-Too-Human


When I post my poetry, art, thoughts and vision online
I ask the cyber winds to take them to unknown places
like blowing a breath of eternity, forever they remain
when this is an offering, no one can steal it from you.
as Nietzsche puts it; 'all treasures have been rescued'.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


One in ten have no death to die

The grotesque visions of a life's discarded reverie
Alienated from the cultural roots, wanting to be free
Holding on to the body, eyes wide open, but can't see
The soul has taken to ether, yet the mind won't let it be
Paradox in action, clinging to genetic memory tenaciously
Psyche striving for change, as the ghost persists stubbornly
The spirit longing for eternity yet unable to leave permanently
Entity need shed density to lighten up and rise beyond periphery.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Here is a deep wish, an invocatory affirmation 
may wholeness blossom despite exploitation.

Our salvation lies in nurturing Earth to health
realizing the viability of creative regeneration.

Evolution needs a change from hyper tension
so far it has been the big fish eating the week
nothing wrong if the strong nurture the meek.

Let there be total transparency absolute clear
may the hidden truth absent of judgement be.

Extra sensory aptness, the opportunity to see
favoured custodians of mother nature are we?.