Saturday, April 12, 2014


When a person is in love with everything
with every being, all the time, unswerving
is that an indication of bliss merely attaining
rather than the reflection of beloved spreading
in whole hearted giving there is built in receiving
what goes around comes around, simply believing.

Friday, April 11, 2014


If painting the picture of a horse was like writing a poem
to take the horse for a ride would be like playing the poem.


A moment of repose held amongst fleeting visions
an interval between phases, hold on to your breath
initial hesitation, followed by a courage to proceed
intense message smothered by the passage of time
a slate of memory has been wiped clean of old habit
this is all an illusion anyways, we should take it apart
make the best of a dream, nothing could be more real
we are here now & gone tomorrow, what's the big deal?.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


To play is to listen to the inner force
that wants to take form and rejoice
It needs no reason, no planning
It is a joyful expression of self.
Play is innocent, play is fun
like our early experiences
prior to conditional games
before the trophies arrived
as toddlers we could just go
full heartedly trust the universe
through the path of least resistance
no fears, reluctance or holding back
so much unconditional freedom there.


We arrive to this life in a humanoid body
as soon as we come we are given identity.

Number, nationality, a stamp for an entry
which engenders the basic need to be free
from the firm clutches of imposed duality.

We are acrobats on the stretch of polarity
seeking balance in contrasting obscurity.

Swayed by our tendency to maintain sanity
our inherent virtue moves counter to vanity.

We gradually rise to an epitome of disguise
in the process of this life it helps to be wise.

Together we must find a fundamental trust
otherwise we might not be able to go past
our conflicts which could end up in a blast.

This is a requisite based on common need
there's plenty stuff that we should concede.

The secret of living is balanced and at ease
we could yet come out of this as we please.

Most humans do what they have been told
should they have intention of growing old
if that be the case, they might as well fold.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014


The roar of a crowd in a jam-packed stadium
as the excitement builds, the impact of a goal
in a game where the throng hungers for score
the outburst of an intense thundering uproar
captivated spectators dispense psychic frenzy
screaming their guts out in hysterical ecstasy
rapidly, enormous energy released all at once
a potent absorption of emotional forcefulness
can possibly be transformed into clean energy
creatively captured with cutting edge scrutiny
once it is harnessed, could be easily accessed
downloaded into a device for beneficial usage
an abundant alternative energy source indeed.


Flip your coin high in the sky
when it is spinning in thin air
you know which side you care
the other part could go to hell.


Spinning the span of time
like there was no tomorrow
only to be in the here and now
jubilation, not a trace of sorrow
just imagine how free life can be
when there is no kingpin to follow.


Cyber winds tore my visions apart
I have journeyed without a chart
Psychic Suboriginal Automatism
is a brief introduction to my art.

Approach determines the authenticity
of a vision manifest under the sublime
which is channelled via the subliminal
evocation through lucid day dreaming.

The micro cosmos is ever revealing
the intricacies of shape and form
the macro cosmos, still expanding
inner visions outwardly transform.

Monday, April 07, 2014



Perceiving the actual & Invisible environment

 The perpetual walk in the midst of obscure regions

in the process, discovering & illuminating hidden places

consequently projecting their reflection upon other minds.

Suboriginal insight between abstraction & psychic expression
the act of conjuring inner visions by tapping into the subliminal.

Suboriginal Murmuration 
A scribble enables the germ of an idea to attain expression 
From this mass of abstract shapes, a basic embryo develops
Opening the mind and putting it upon the scent of new thoughts.