Sunday, April 06, 2014


When separate entities can be friends
despite differences they inherit in life
beyond species, nations, gender, race
religion, custom, condition and place.

When the individual, the spirit, the person
can embrace another, play without bother
view the differences as guiltless attributes
here exists the unequivocal potential of life.


Raw Deal
Take it or just leave it
this is personal meat
laid with open arms
on a no way street.

Grab a seat
stretch your feet
life is going to be
quite a treat.

I offer my flesh
for you to eat
you should chew
every little bit.

This is a safe place
to save face
if you lose grace
there'll be no trace.

I could wash it down
with tears of my own
this is the best meal
you'll get in my town.

Once you fully ingest
you may not digest
but this is no cause
to frown and detest.


Friday, April 04, 2014


When hands scribble and doodle often, casually
without any conscious direction, unintentionally
like chewing one's fingernails, blinking the eyes
a compulsive habit, automatic, instincts alerted

 Streaming visions pour out of the subconscious 

cellular memory in fusion with genetic originality

 Shamanic insight of primitive-post modern artist

perceived by those who venture beyond magic.



Itchy finger is gaining momentum at happy trigger squeeze
bullets are flying towards unidentifiable targets with ease
when somebody points a gun at you it is time to freeze
do not fire your weapons at the peacemakers please.
The best defence is shoot first,a mighty shrewd tip
with the push of a button, the slip of a flip...beep
done and over with, instant toast, buried deep
as long as firearms are plentiful life is cheap.


If you really care, must evade despair
rise from the depth, breathe fresh air
the burden you bare is not even there
spare the angst, you are not being fair
to yourself you owe, a wonderful affair.

Thursday, April 03, 2014


I have composed the word SUBORIGINAL 
to which the dictionaries have no definition 
I hereby use my poetic license to declare it 
the innovative definition of my art form. 

The first phase is psychic automatism

finishing touches are cutting edge digital.

Primitive-Modern. Raw nature > refined.

This notice serves as registry, copyright
warranty, attitude & all linguistic claims.


Offering to the cyber wind
Poem in the wayward wind
Uttered with inspired ease
Blowing out in cyberspace
Beating rhyme and tempo
Swirling with a cyber flow
Verse dancing in a breeze
Towards places unknown.


The Path of Least Resistance
I was drifting in my dream with a current carrying me
I did not resist the flow, I was willing to wait and see
no need to push the envelope, my intent is to let it be
why strive to set a course so long as the going is free
sooner take a plunging dive rather than climb a tree
what's the point of struggling when the going is easy
the challenge is in enjoying life, without getting lazy.

The Survival of the Fittest

For some people life is about struggling to survive
not only do they fight hard but they strive to thrive
the effort, the will power keeps them strong and fit
on the other hand, they may be missing quite a bit
dissatisfied in just being, they also need to make it
by forcing the issue they might eventually break it.


Wednesday, April 02, 2014


There are so many layers of time unfolding all over time
progression on some levels, while regressing in the others
cross-currents moving from past to future and vice-versa
half way in our lives we might catch a glimpse of the other me
moving in reverse, from the older age towards the birth stage.
As we cross selfsame at the crossroads, we recognize ourselves
this point in time indicates the centre point of life, the middle age
thus one can deduct that; distance travelled = the remaining time.


A pompous elitist son of a gun
condescending and having fun
a sign of established authority 
indicating an air of superiority.
How powerful could that be?.

A person with an open heart
expressing unconditional love 
revealing unreserved intimacy
alongside ardor and sincerity.
How powerful does that feel?.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Stretched along
a rough surface
with neck on line
a habit of mine.
Bard in waiting
with bulging eyes
in rough disguise
a despotic move
press the issue
power to pursue
now cut the deck
I'll deal, you take
a piece of cake
what the heck
did you check
behind my back
for heaven's sake
let's take a brake
before we make
a huge mistake
but I'll be back
to brake your neck.