Sunday, March 30, 2014


Nothing hurts like the pain inside
if it bothers you, just push it aside
deep in the mind is a place to hide
it would be a thrill to go for a ride
come through from the other side.

Had a crush on doctor's daughter
I do not know what I found in her
she sucked my pain like no other
I had the feel we could go further
that was the cause for the bother.

Once she took hold, no way to fight
if I open my mind, escape she might
I must not let her get out of my sight
she'd take my pain if I treat her right
I should hold on tight to see the light.

Friday, March 28, 2014



 Those images have surfaced out of the blue

When hands move without

conscious direction

 I came eye to eye with the other guy.
Conjured out of the unknown

a lifelong unconscious pursuit

Shamanic Suboriginal Automatism


I have been
up and down
in and out
hanging about
circling around
lost and found
without a sound
breaking ground.
I have been through
the dire straights
so many times
I might as well
into a silence
only you can
see me through
silence my eyes!.


Honey coated vanity, a hint of sanity
it serves to disseminate this life's irony
best things in life are free, go hug a tree
when the air is pure, the water crystal clear
time to wake up my dear, the beloved is here 
a slight indication of fear might distract the seer.



Alerted by a flaming message from yonder
smoking words at the heart of this matter 
not so cool to eat out of a sizzling platter
must blow on it just in case it does flutter
what we encountered is a stark reminder
the worse outcome happens for the better
no wonder that we have been going under
as a consequence of a stupendous blunder.


Monday, March 24, 2014


In poetry the feeling comes way before the seeing starts
whereas In painting it is the seeing that opens to feeling
Inspiration is what drives a person into creative thinking
getting completely immersed in the spur of the moment
having intuition as the guide, not the slightest hesitation
visions appear briskly in this avid ambience of cognition.