Sunday, March 16, 2014


o + o > 8 
A lingering faith levelling with inevitable fate
after all the universe is unfolding as it should 
the worst things happen for the best reasons 
there is prevailing balance within the polarity
catch the wave, surf with the flow of the grain 
a worm-hole between the inner and the outer
circles within the cycles of spherical labyrinth
an indication of infinity, an open sided quest
two zeroes make eight with a delicate balance
spin the upper 'o' the other way as the bottom
a favourable condition for energy to manifest.

( This is a formula that was conceived in my lucid dream
two spheres, one on top of the other, delicately balanced
suspended in air, the upper and the lower parts spinning
in opposite directions, thus a worm-hole was created….
I am no scientist, just dreaming or I might be channeling.)


Friday, March 14, 2014


I have composed the word SUBORIGINAL 
to which the dictionaries have no definition, 
I hereby use my poetic license to declare it 
the  definition of my art form.

The root cause, pure psychic automatism
the finishing touches involve scrupulous
cutting edge innovative digital techniques.

The purpose of my work is to stimulate
provoke the imagination of the perceiver.
I do not necessarily copyright my work 
apart from the virtue of the authenticity.

This notice serves as registry, copyright,

attitude and all linguistic claims.

Vensan Vincy (Vincent) Kamberk - 2000 AD .

Primitive ------- Modern

 Perception of the Invisible

 Shamanic Implications

 The Coalescing of The Inner & The Outer

Live Art Action
Followed by Auction
Spoken Word Attraction


 Ground Zero



A scribble enables the germ of an idea 
to attain expression.  

From this mass of abstract shapes, 
a selected embryo may be developed.

A profound depth of memory is drawn upon
the springs of instinct tapped.

This is a process of opening the mind 
putting it upon the scent of new thoughts.

Out of this mass of objects 
the mind will be furnished 
with an abundance of subjects.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Conjured, cured and carefully pulled
my doodles have been thus secured
scores of my minds numerous faces
my icons have been to far out places.

Like some message in a bottle floating
in the ocean many doodles are sailing
same as in cyber space, face after face
all over the globe, I scribbled my case.



I saw the reflection of my thoughts
in the mirror of my streaming words
as I reached out for the black pearl
at the mouth of the big bad oyster.

It fell out, sinking down deep,
I dived head first, my ears ringing
eyes searching for a color long lost
pitch black depth, home to the ghost.

I locked on it blindly, firmly clinging
my instincts converged, arms stretched
towards the hidden shadow of dread
in between the living and the dead.

With a reflex move I grabbed the pearl
instantly it snatched me back so tight
dragged me to a nest out of sight
there was no light yet it was so bright.

I’ve dreamt up this story, came to tell it all
holding on to the black pearl, standing tall
a supernal glitter is glowing within my palm
the dream is over, now I must remain calm.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I have witnessed mood swings 
from heaven to hell and back
ecstasy turned into a wreck
over and over, what the heck
temper is a mental condition 
depends how far you can go.
Rage will damage it's container 
before it has a chance to engage
if you could harness a feeling 
quench your thirst, no outburst
take charge of your emotions
their abundance, the energy
can even charge a battery.
The means of transforming 
such a powerful mood swing 
into a useful, positive thing
the source is the resource.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014


A point of view is a serious liability
whilst approaching the thereafter
an open mind has a flexible stance
cautiously willing to take a chance.

The inner and the outer coalescing
a continuous process is happening
a butterfly should be in the making
ecstatic dance, a matter of balance.

As an objective view must consider
quantum choices rapidly changing
there is no point in contemplating
as a first hand exploit is occurring.

Monday, March 10, 2014


A moment of repose hangs in between fleeting visions
an interval between two phases, the breath of fresh air
initial hesitation resumed by the eagerness to proceed
the cluttered passage has now been amply smothered
the slate of memory has been wiped clean of old habit
this is all an illusion anyways, we should take it apart
why not make the best of this dream by turning it real
we are here now, gone tomorrow, what's the big deal?.