Saturday, February 22, 2014


The entity captured in an instant
at the blink of an eye in slow motion 
had been suspended between intervals
biting time patiently, longing to be realized
in a flash it vanished, an illusion was all it was 
a ghost of a ghost, the shadow of what was lost
an appearance only relative to that moment's catch
quantum possibilities in store at imagination's stretch.

Friday, February 21, 2014


A tender stroke followed by a sudden punch
gently fondling the tush before kicking the butt
a kiss on the cheek succeeded by slap on the face
an act of easing the tension by oozing out the pain
wild mood swings are enough to drive anyone insane 
the sad thing is, there is much animosity in this activity
yet humanity is guilty of harboring such obscene cruelty.


Suboriginal Art & Implications

 Inadvertently unveiling the obscured.

It is like exploring uncharted territory, ever changing.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014


A pompous elitist son of a gun

condescending and having fun

a sign of established authority 

indicating an air of superiority

telling you how powerful he is.

A person with an open heart

expressing all out total love 

reveals unreserved intimacy

alongside ardor and avidity

how powerful does that feel?.


First would come 
the stimulation
with clever foreplay 
emotional smarts
charming small talk
sudden mood swings.

Pushing buttons
pulling strings
devious means
dubious flings
an assortment 
of sexy things.

The elevation 
of potential lovers
to sensational peaks
with emotional squeaks
then, all of a sudden
the bottom kicks!.

Falling is almost 
like flying
when there is 
no ground
to fall upon.

This is it
a sudden stroke 
a seizure, a fit
a crack in the yoke 
darkness unlit
sucking every bit 
of tender feeling
just leaving
an empty shell
a bundle of straw
a dried up puppet.


Wake up puppet
wake up and play.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Let us play a prayer
in private or in public
may it be brief,
to its point
instant relief.

Let us play it
in such a manner
as not to heed
demons which feed
upon dreaded fear.

Oh Lord, oh lord all might be
the source of our creation
the means of our destruction
the breathe of life and death
observing all that's going on
Oh Lord…. Oh lord all might be

if you be attached or detached
if you give us a hand or a push

Hold your breathe
serve your mercy
deliver us from here
so we may arise again
not so much in fear
not so much in pain
not so eager to complain.

Rid us of defeat
rid us of victory

End of Story.


Threatened Sanity
When the dark clouds move in
the Moon, the Sun, go to hiding
into a deep sleep, now abiding.
I have watched skies bleed
from arrows aimed at dreams
In the midst of a lightning strike
the sky was instantly torn apart
scattered clouds in a hectic rush
hovering like darkened angels
emerging from a tearful sky.

I want to forget what I have seen
I wish to whitewash my stained skin
from the disturbing places I have been
for the sake of my threatened sanity.
Those thoughts keep mocking me within
resentments that one does not need
wonderful dreams sabotaged by envy
makes you realize you can not embrace
just anyone who crosses your path
whom you like to be able to trust.

The act of sharing will blossom
with the intent of serving and offering
the fun of life is in the here and now
so what is it that we are denying
which we could be enjoying
we could blossom with love and laughter
instead of complaining and crying
we do not need any phony games
all we want is dancing and playing.


Monday, February 17, 2014


A Thundering Grouch
The indigenous crabs
demand satisfaction
by ingenious action
prior to destruction.

When the tide is in
and the going high
crustaceans gather
for their likely ride.

Worm holes open wide
eggs hatch side by side
deep inside a sand slide
there's no place to hide.

Birds above take a dive
to have their tasty bite
only those who can hide
stand to save their hide.


Walked straight through a gate
approached the lost and found 
inquiring about a broken heart
in dire condition, laying around.
I was accordingly apprehended 
concerning subversive activities
interrogated by dubious devices
once cleared of ulterior motives
taken to an undisclosed location
where I spotted a desolate heart
I can patch it up for a fresh start.