Thursday, February 06, 2014


Slow cooking simmer on back burner
frogs in top form bathing in lukewarm
nice and steady, easy does it, stir gently
with kid gloves on, such a delicate storm 
this will not come to broil without any toil
when the stew is cooked thus it can't spoil
not an inkling is wasted, each drop amounts
a palatable outcome is what ultimately counts
such is the way the affairs of war is conducted
no warning until the entire assault is concocted.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014


We 'quantum leap' over many inner worlds
to arrive to the great states of the mind
here we have a vast sensation of space
reaching beyond conceivable limits
this is what imagination means.



Material bodies 
apparent shapes 
variations in space
outer physical aspects 
are merely appearances
not what they seem to be.

The World is given as whole
not one here and another there 
subject and object are simply one
separation is neither here nor there
recently acquired knowledge confirms
there is no barrier betwixt this and that.