Thursday, January 02, 2014


Neck on line
on the spot
with word
while silent
in waiting
in cold blood
hard issue
at chopping block
with bulging eyes
the underdog
dogmatic despot
pressing the point
while the anarchist
passing a joint
give or take
what the heck
lying on deck
extended neck
a bit of a wreck
take it like a nam
wash it down
with prayer and rum
as though it was
just like a new year
not just in matter
but for the better
so long alligator
see you later.


To play is to listen to the inner force
that wants to take form and rejoice
It needs no reason, no planning
It is a joyful expression of self.
Play is innocent, play is fun
like our early experiences
prior to conditional games
before the trophies arrived
as toddlers we could just go
full heartedly from the gut level
through the path of least resistance
no fears, no reluctance no holding back
where unconditional freedom takes effect.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Wide open, transparent
in perilous positioning
a naively trusting
ill fated casualty
sitting on nails 
carrying large scars
in forced indifference 
with nonchalant eyes 
where invisible tears
would be hard to trace.
Walking a tightrope
with just the hope
of getting a deal
out of a deck
stuffed with jokers
and wild cards.
For as long as
the queen of hearts
is somewhere in there
don't matter where
shuffling is fun
once it is done
just laying back
cutting the deck
what the heck
one might still
get a break.

Monday, December 30, 2013


Some worshippers have their faith well polished
as they tend to prayers to wash away their sins
with hands raised up, words through dumb lips 
not understanding the meaning of what it means.

Most believers are waning, wanting and begging
only few are humbly thankful, simply affirming
there is the odd vindicator ranting and cursing
demanding satisfaction, grudgingly negating.

I have not been a worshipper, not even of self
the only faith I have is in regards to the truth
which is sometimes well disguised, obscured
a surmise of the ambiguous need be secured.


A sense of dedication, devotion and loyalty
there is no obligation to unconditional love
willing to go the distance without any doubt
belonging to a lover is what love is all about
it is the thrill of the experience, not the clout.
The more the loving the happier is the feeling
at the end of the line, the harder is the leaving.
The value of life, well established at the source
would crumble apart if was put in place by force
wishing the most is the best of something worse
memories are left over when life takes it's course.