Saturday, December 21, 2013


Unnerving memories have surfaced fresh
as my skin was being peeled from my flesh
painstakingly, not a drop of blood was spilled
would be kosher had I been consequently killed
there was no hunger there, just possessive greed
bite marks have been left all over the leftover feed
such an ambiguous treat, despite a reasonable need.

Thursday, December 19, 2013


The puppet had two eyes! 
To the ordinary person 
a right and a left eye, 
to you and me and to all 
makers and discoverers
an interior and exterior eye,
to those who demand
further information...
an eye which saw from
the tip of his nose
to the distant stars,
another eye which saw
what was within...
from what was
at the tip
of his memory
to the sparkle
deep in his dreams.
As for the puppet
to him there was
just one eye,
the meeting point
of two cycles
where horizons curve
into each other,
where the eye
is the sparkle
and the sparkle
a star.
In this eye was depicted
cultivated potentials
the meaning of
a never ending search,
As the passing years
carved wrinkles
into his face
the eyes would get
closer to each other
until the day
right at the center
of his forehead
where his eyebrows met
the eyes would eclipse
and like a cyclone
the puppet would make
'enormous sounds of joy'.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I have been sticking my tongue out
this is what the spoken word is about
'freedom of expression' have no doubt.
Ass is exposed, the neck is on the line
which is a human right, yours and mine
must take some chances, which is fine
don't have to be loud, no need to shout
to speak out one does not need a push
neither does a poet beat around a bush
no need to rush, might end up in trash.


This verse is written in reverse
in a world of utmost pretense
the contrary is what makes sense
there is no need to take offence.

Universities swindle knowledge
the legal system obstructs justice
money is the cause of poverty
doctors casually disrupt health.

Governments suppress freedom
the media distorts information
patriotism is stifling humanity
religions eradicate spirituality.

Somewhat absurd this does sound
certitude is nowhere to be found
the sky has fallen to the ground
there must be a way to get around.

Monday, December 16, 2013


The act of sharing can be utterly thriving
with the sincere intention of contributing
fervent giving instigates instant receiving
a mirth of life is occurring here and now 
working can also be as joyful as playing
when we allow our hidden dreams shine
we could reach out and touch the divine
this life we are sharing suits us just fine
even though it is neither yours nor mine.


In poetry the feeling comes way before the seeing starts
In painting it is the seeing that opens the heart to feeling
Inspiration is a source that leads the way to creative being 
When I am completely immersed in the spur of the moment
With intuition as the guide rather than premeditated intention
I can inherently submerge into the depth of lucid transparency
Where visions appear briskly in an ardent ambience of cognition.