Friday, November 22, 2013


The grotesque visions of a life's discarded reverie
Alienated from the cultural roots, wanting to be free
Holding on to the body, eyes wide open but can't see
The soul has taken to ether, yet the mind won't let it be
Paradox in action, clinging to genetic memory tenaciously
Psyche striving for change, as the ghost persists stubbornly
The spirit longing for eternity but unable to leave permanently
An entity must shed density, lighten up to ascend... apparently.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Eye of the Beholder
Captured in this instance 
suspended between intervals
a blink of an eye in slow motion 
biting time, a pull here, a push there
in a flash it goes, as though it never was
but something was captured, an impression
which alters perception, accordingly in quantum
what appears is only relative to that moments catch
with infinite possibilities in store at perceptions stretch.

Monday, November 18, 2013


A point of view is a serious liability 
while approaching the hereafter
change is an imminent certainty 
each premise has a perception
order, chaos, sense, nonsense
are all contained within a box
harbouring one huge paradox
this point of view will consider
all points of view while thinking
depending on first hand experience
as the original process of fact making.


Brief Anticipation
Raise an eyebrow higher than the other
we do not wish to take this any further
unless the will is here, no need to bother
to listen to such a determined presence
will eventually oblige this naive subject
to reconsider values, make adjustments
stakes are lowered, the course is altered
brains whitewashed, habits are scrubbed
new person reborn, with mind wide open.
this aught to be the marvel one is hoping.