Saturday, November 02, 2013


In my sleep late last night 
I imagined dreaming a dream 
of waking up into this love story
as I was strolling through obscurity 
I slipped into a sleep of sentimentality
conjuring your presence in my mentality
as I was reaching out for an exquisite reality
I dreamt of waking up cuddled with your deity
despite dreaming of sleeping with you intimately.

Monday, October 28, 2013


To the future generations
The established order is all about survival
the prey will resist and the shark will insist
this has been the way so far, repetitious 
ten thousand year cycles of shark and prey.
We are at the threshold of a major change
the entire World can now voice in exchange
interacting on line, communicating openly.
The choice is to make a friendly voice
person to person, beyond preconception
beyond divisions of nation and religion
beyond selling products, winning games
scoring points, competing for trophies.
The notion of finding a common ground
in order to attain harmonious coexistence.
Let us hope that eventually animals, plants
and all life forms residing on planet Earth
will be participants interacting as a whole
then Earth will truly be a wonderful place.
Each time a beloved arrives to this World
the divine is born to be nurtured in kind
by the inhabitants of planet Earth in mind.


Have you seen yourself in transit
halfways through your life's journey
going back to birth, the reverse way
step by by step the past is traced
which has passed is now witnessed
by quantum eyes once life is over.
If you ever recall crossing yourself
you will know half your life is over
yet what your crossed self can tell
is out of reach, can not be revealed
what was done can not be undone
but you can deduct the time you have
as you only once cross at the centre.



I have seen colours changing before my eyes
saffron shades covering a leaf before it dies
seeking an answer but I still don't know why
I must let go of expectations before I can fly.

Once a young bud heading for luscious blossom
eager to cuddle the contents of an inviting bosom
later an aging stud starting to feel rather lonesome
the youth of the matter is when it don't get tiresome.