Saturday, September 21, 2013


Just awakened from a dream
as fresh in my mind as can be 
a little ball rolling down a slope
like a snowball accelerating
gaining size and picking speed
as it started growing and glowing
instantly this amazing thing happened
since I had been running out of time
I managed to stretch the momentum
thus more speed was gathered
triggering a gradual quickening
as latent forces were awakened
potent dormant sleepers kicked into action
traveling in time was becoming apparent
manifesting clearly once my eyes opened
the dream that I had dreamed a moment ago
protruded with the surfaced awakening
ahead of me in a projected thereafter
as I caught up with an envisioned future
unfolding beneath my lucid dream
a reversal of 'de ja vu' manifesting
where I am in the here and now present
is where I shall be arriving in due course
I have been rather puzzled of course 
which is a reason for such a discourse
having had a peek into a future source
divination has been a timely resource.