Friday, September 13, 2013


It is all about belonging isn't it ?
When we arrive to this world 
we are clearly informed
of what belongs to what
and who belongs to who.
As toddlers we suck the nipples
that belong to us and we belong to them.
Later our nation, religion enters the picture.
We are introduced to our territories
our boundaries our designated areas
our identities are spelled out for us
our names, our numbers, our birthmarks.
It is assumed without any doubt
our Earth is divided amongst many nations
who have throughout the centuries
been fighting wars to defend
or expand their territories.
Then there is the issue of money
who has it and how powerful it can be.
Just about anyone will do
just about anything to obtain it.
It is so powerful it can even coherse people
into becoming willing slaves.
Could a new arrival to this life have a say
on how things should fare in this World?.
This is the established order, this is the way
imposed on us, we are locked in it!.
For suffering many, mortality is a relief
while to their masters with money, it is hell.
Life has an irony, the paradox is the reality
Is anyone in charge of the big picture
or are those who appear to be in charge
more concerned about their grip on power
rather than well being and justice for all?.
It is high time we sort our priorities
nature is a part of us, where we belong
obviously we blundered this time
may be we'll have a chance next time
providing there will be another time
up and down the curtain, for certain
this could end with joy or in pain
weather silk or butterfly we shall be
is partly up to us and partly chance
which comes with change, how strange.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Streaming Thoughts in Spontaneous Coherence; o > o = 8
What I am observing as material bodies are just shapes 
Variations in the structure of space, the physical aspects 
Particles are just appearances, never what they seem to be
The World is given to me as a whole, not one here and one there 
Subject and object are simply one, such is my experience in time
The barrier between them can not be said to have broken down 
As a result of recent scientific knowledge, cutting edge innovation
This barrier does not really exist. I sink as I think, as I dive deep.

I scratch my head as the circulation of my blood accelerates 
I have been striving, seeking meaning in truth versus reality 
The linguistic aspects, of the subjective and the objective angles
They overlap in depth of field,I seek answers by shifting polarities
The opposites unite, the contrasts blend,as I aim to communicate 
I am provoked to take this as far as it goes, stretching to eternity
I have acknowledged the truth to be as good as God,not vice versa
I have recognized quantum perception in my pursuit of certitude.

I need to have faith in myself, so I could generate the will power
All it takes is the the inclination, ardor, zest, energy, the passion
I have arrived to this conclusion through a spiritual point of view 
Since I want to see what I wish to see, thus my focus stays on this
Whereas the truth is the whole, also including what I do not know.
I am not capable of seeing the entire truth, I have limited capacity
Vulnerable and humble, I wish to be honest with my true self
Rather than the egocentric confidence of my ego, my false self. 

Monday, September 09, 2013


Vegetarian Stance
Carrots dangling in front of the nose of my kin
as the skin of a beet was peeled way from within
once killed, vegetarian blood is most gladly spilled 
ginger and garlic thrown in, as I should be thrilled
drinking those freshly squeezed juices, what a treat
instantly ingested, washing down the hardened sin
since I stopped to eat those animals and their meat
but they are still being eaten which is a bit of a beat
such is life, with all the strife, as far as I have seen
I ask myself quite often "where else have you been?"
all those years, chewing on flesh without being keen
now that I have stopped this old habit, I feel so clean.


A glimpse of the dealer 

with the corner of my eye
loading the rounds into the pie
placed in the groove of his palm
shaking them fierce, high and sly
like a wizardly buzzard in the sky.
Them bones spinning in space until it die
falling flat down to earth, just like in birth
luck was ill chanced as snake eyes fell
when the roll came to rest I felt the test
I bit the bullet grudgingly, I bet to tell
it was a perilous blow, ruthlessly dealt 
under the belt so much pain was felt
I bit my tongue, no explosion heard
since, I have been growing a beard
waiting for the cost to get cleared.