Saturday, July 27, 2013


Wondering the meandering
I was once uprooted from the soil that gave me life
taken to far out places I could not have dreamed of
with roots dangling in the air, I climbed clouds high
dancing, whirling my way, in circles all over the sky
I have surrendered to the cyber winds, here is why
no matter what fate deals me I embrace with a sigh.


Here is moving past 
the ageing sorrow 
to kick the bucket 
scare the chickens 
who spoiled the waters
with steroid pollute
I swallowed enough
while still at school.

With begotten karma
I salute you all
in raging fury
am a little dreary
here comes the ball
I kick it abrupt
I kick it high
to score a goal
right into the sky.
Let me ask you why
you ate the cow
before I figured how
to drink the milk.

I am on my way
to the forgotten land
where they dish the news
in tomahawk scraps.
It has been a while
since I caught this bug
reluctant to leave
without a hug.
The brass is shifting
a life of denial
a nation drifting
right down the Nile
they shall be grifting
the Sphinx in a while.


Diyeceklerimi iyi dinle, palavra sanma
Bildiklerini anlat ama akıl vermeye kalkma
Anlatılanlara kulak ver fakat hepsine kulak asma
Sessiz kalmak bir şey bilmediğini göstermez 
Çok konuşmak da boş adamın işidir
Herkesi kendine eşit gör, görünüşe aldanma
Her kim olursa olsun bir insanı küçümseme
Gözünde büyütmek korkunun alametidir
Cesaret zekadan gelirse yiğitliktir
Bilgisizlikten geliyorsa cehalettir
Insanlığın değerini mertlikte ara
Kalleşliğin acısından kin besleme
intikam aramakla kendine eziyet edersin
Kalbini açınca herkesi sevebilirsin
Elini vererek dost edinebilirsin
Yumruk sıkarak düşman edinirsin
Kendini aldatma püşman olursun
Nasihatlerimi tutarsan ileri gidersin.

Friday, July 26, 2013


Touch and Go
All I have is just a thread
separating me from here and there
I am holding on to the very end
of this space between birth and death.
Before I let go, let me make a go
One more kiss if you please!.

I have reached out at standing words
salvaged a few before they got stranded
I am now all ears at this second calling,
a dusty bottle rolling empty on the floor
will serve as a last drop of sustenance
reserved for such distraught occasions.

Should I disturb this rioting silence
my insertion is out of the very need
to command a demanding attention.
My intervention is a last ditch effort
to loosen up this tightening tension.
Ignore all i said, please don't mention.