Thursday, July 18, 2013


Love me if you will
To love truly and absolutely is not an easy task
Neither a decision or the determination of the will
still it is always possible to grasp a tiny bit of love
selfish, conditional and hypocritical as this might be
at the time it feels as huge as the sky, but when I ask
is one not capable to love a thing, a car or even a gun
surely people love their darling, the Sun or their son
I am getting satirical here, I do not mean to upset you
when you say you love me, I surely know you mean well
I believe you, no proof needed, yet the truth is intended
as such every little thing is the reflection of the beloved
what I am saying is, if you are a true lover, you'll love it all
are you really ready to be a friend, a mate, let us play ball
I was once standing tall, now on my knees since I took a fall
because I persisted to embrace the truth, that's not easy at all.