Sunday, July 14, 2013


Project Underdog Society of Humanity

The purpose of society is to promote 
a full flowering of the individuals within it. 
To put the society before the individual 
is to confuse ends and means. 
The ultimate mission of us all who are 
the living human residents of planet Earth 
is to prepare the groundwork for life to sprout 
within a loving, friendly environment. 
The big majority of humanity today 
are still deprived, most are also in denial. 
They still believe they own their children 
and are authoritatively enforcing their beliefs 
convictions and bias on the coming generation. 
This is practiced regularly with complete justification 
and good intentions by even some highly accomplished 
ethical and educated people who sincerely mean well.
All the newly born humans are ‘the children of mankind’.
Each and every one of us should be here with open hearts 
open arms and best wishes for those who have no voice, 
no choice, no fault, and not the initial ability.
The beloved arrives each time a child is born.
It is our celebration, our most genuine observance 
to help our children to grow up to their potentials.
We are not a finished process and are quiet capable 
to deliver a clean, civilized, advanced generation.
We could make true civilization if we experience a change 
of heart and cease to feel separate from one another.

When the cement is still wet, so to speak, the first few years of one's life determines so much in the development of personality, bias and attitude. Hopefully we never stop to learn, accordingly progress but the reverse, is also in place. People tend to get more mean, dogmatic and assertive in their middle age, if such is the development. The solution I am suggesting starts collectively in the very beginning of life, one or two generations might have to compromise, even sacrifice just to give a chance for such potential  to manifest in a later stage. Most of our latent , dormant possibilities are not realized as it stands, humanity is capable to blossom and do much service and good collectively on planet Earth. Is this not a valid objective, if the intention is there could we not achieve true civilization. What we have now on Earth is exploitation, manipulation and diversion from the common good of mankind and mother nature. However much the preachers talk of God, Satan seems to be in charge at the present time. Good and evil are polarities that we have recognized as our present state of reality. While we attempt to balance our position, we seem to be rapidly moving to a destructive confrontation of no return. We are far too powerful for our own good, nuclear capacity is not something we can disregard. It is quite obvious we are lacking the capacity for wisdom while our smarts are accelerated. It would not take much to play out the dooms day scenario we have conceived. Even in our holy books we have given much room for such a determination, we can do better than this!.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Will you ever be ready
to let go completely
just when you are full of it
sly and slick, let that kick
skin deep, what the heck
the la-di-la thing
belongs to that clique
hold on to your sick dick
better check your wreck
what goes on your back
will take a fake break
put on your uniform
that phoney etiquette
decorations in fine form
should the going inform
you about the latest norm
the ongoing storm
know where you're from
what race, sect, which clan
hold on to your gun
be the devoted son
a loyal legion fan
bogus, and false
like all else
devoid of impulse
trained to take order
to cause havoc, disorder
throughout the ranks
never mind the tanks
by the way, thanks
again and again
for your insane
all in vain
running in your vein
 well washed brain
o bodily strain
down the drain
you are a brave soldier
put that in your folder
as you get older
this will come handy
all trendy, dandy
sucking coated candy
retired, on beach, sandy
your future sunny
did you get that, Andy?.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Blood of a Puppet
When the stone sheds its tears 
then shall emerge the fallen one 
upon itself who seems to feed 
a snake swallowing its own tail 
rattled by intimate venom
a spider crying out loud 
for its own measure 
of pain and pleasure
the scorpion circled with fire
committing suicide in the dire
it should be clear in a while
out in the open and for sure
who is rotten, what is impure
you can be force-fed any day
wake up puppet, wake up play!.



There is a constant interchange 

in the fabric of life

between feeling and form

the mind and matter

the body and spirit

the inner and the outer.

As a matter of fact

things remain intact

restrictions are striving after freedom

as freedom ventures to be housed

in the confinement of the bound.


Monday, July 08, 2013


Having taken a cunningly concealed peek
at the unwary creatures of the local pasture
big brother has been deemed to be a sneak
which can bring about the ultimate rupture
of a dubiously constructed bogus structure
since the whistleblower who revealed a leak
has taken a hasty departure to avoid capture.

As the story goes, most people have a cause
to feel uneasy, untrusting, even angry because
there is a breach of promise which does arouse
a good reason to be weary of entrusted spouse
bringing about the wreckage of the entire house
this  endangers the native, even the local mouse.